Dra6osh is a YouTube troll who makes videos based around his opinions on the best rap music tracks, artists, directors, etc. These videos are not usually well recieved by his subscribers and rack up a large number of dislikes and objections.

He has trolled, and continues to troll, many users and some untergangers, particularly untergangers Benad361 and WonkyTonkBotty. He does so by calling them immature names, hurling insults and profanity, and generally looking like an idiot. He previously praised Benad361's parodies on several occasions and appears to have arbitrarily changed his opinions.

If that wasn't enough, he seems very arrogant, frequently hurling vulgar insults when encountering an opinion he disagrees with (via typical troll style), especially concerning his religious beliefs. In the words that a user posted to his channel, he has "religious issues and can only accept his own opinion on something." By early 2012 an increasing number of irritated and disgruntled YouTube users were posting comments to his channel indicating their displeasure with his remarks and general attitude towards them.

He was thought to have ended his trolling at one point, given a few months of non-confrontation with the two untergangers. However, he then returned to harassing Benad361 and WonkyTonkBotty with yet more irrational, immature, and unjustified remarks. He further stepped up his trolling as of late 2011-2012, to the obvious displeasure of many users. The trolling of the former two, however, has now subsided. WonkyTonkBotty then made a parody which briefly ridicules him for his ridiculous trolling activities. He also fell out of favor with Shomronon, and was blocked by him, after posting a patronising message to the unterganger's newest video (at the time).

Due to his immature trolling activities he is sometimes referred to as "twat6osh", as coined by WonkyTonkBotty (just as other trolls are referred to by disparaging nicknames) and is looked down upon by the unterganging community in general.

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