While there are many videos that are Downfall parodies themselves, there are other video series that also include elements from downfall parodies, or Downfall parodies in an episode/part that itself is not a Downfall parody. This page is only meant for TV or internet series that include Downfall parody elements outside of Downfall parodies, and not one-off videos that happen to include Downfall Parody elements. The series listed here do not qualify for their own pages, though if individual episodes/parts qualify as notable Downfall parodies, they should have their own page.

List of Downfall Parodies in Other Series

  • The Cleveland Show - Like it's predecessor, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show references several memes, and there is a scene parodying Downfall parodies by using the show's characters in an audio parody/re-enactment of the original bunker scene.
  • The Frollo Show/Leet Fighters/Smash Bros Lawl - Includes Downfall parody Hitler and Fegelein as re-occurring characters. Episode 11 of the Frollo Show and Hitler's moveset for Smash Bros Lawl are the only two instances of actual Downfall parodies. In these series, Fegelein is partnered with Mephiles who is potrayed as a fellow Master of Antics.[1] Fatally Fabulously Fegelein Find a

    Spot the Downfall characters!

    nd Fuck-up Fellowship is Hitler's affiliation against Fegelein, and Los No Frollos, with another characters like Stalin and other cartoons/real life characters plan to kill Frollo and Gaston, the main protagonists.
  • Rise of Core - After MetalLone WolfScourge switched to MikuMikuDance for Downfall parody making, instead of using the original footage, he put his version of Hitler and Günsche(seen wearing Halo armor due to the lack of proper models for the two) into this series, making Hitler the lead villain, and the Angry German Kid (who is seen as a Halo grunt model) Hitler's son. It was canceled after part 4.[2]


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