Since Der Untergang is popular in many countries, it has been released in several languages, mostly Slavic and Romance languages. Such versions are usually distributed on DVD and broadcasted on TV.


In dubbed versions, the original audio is completely replaced by a full cast of professional actors.

In parodies using dubs, the characters usually rant about speaking whatever language the dub uses.


The Czech dub was directed by Martin Kolár in 2005. Adolf Hitler was dubbed by Jiří Prager, a famous Czech dubber. He has dubbed Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Christopher Lloyd, Eric Idle, Christian Clavier and Rowan Atkinson. His voice is also connected with the character of Bugs Bunny.

The dub is sometimes criticized for being unemotional. The voices repeat on various characters (e.g. Zdeněk Mahdal dubs Heinz Linge, Rochus Misch and the soldier who kills the two civilians during the night fights) from time to time.

Smell of the Ice sometimes uses the dub in his parodies. (example)


The Spanish dub has been used in a couple of parodies by Hitler Rants Parodies. It is suggestive of a series, as the potential fix to the antic could render the characters as French or Japanese. As in other HRP videos, Hitler makes a plenty of jabs at national stereotypes. In addition, in Hitler finds out Catalonia has declared independence, Hitler comments on an issue primarily concerning Spain and is assumed to be a Spanish leader, rather than simply a Hitler with a misfortune, and Hitler gets trolled by El Risitas in Spanish features El Risitas, another Spanish character, together with Spanish-speaking Hitler.

Other dubs

There are more dubs in existence. Some of them have been used by Sparx476 in his Hitler Tracks Down Fegelein In... series. These include:

  • French
  • Hungarian, known for quite poor dubbing compared to other versions
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)


In voice-overs, the original audio is kept, sometimes at a lower volume. The foreign voices are limited to either one person or two people, one male, one female. However, voice-overs and dubs are often conflated.

In parodies using voice-overs, the characters usually rant about how they can't hear each other anymore due to the prevalence of the foreign voice(s).


The Lithuanian voice-over has only appeared in two parodies by ASBusinessMagnet. In them, Hitler assumes that Hermann Fegelein is narrating, whereas Alfred Jodl objects, claiming that the two voices sound nothing alike.

Other voice-overs

Other voice-overs include:

  • Polish
  • Russian

Release names in other languages

  • Czech: Pád Třetí říše (Fall of the Third Reich)
  • French: La Chute (The Fall)
  • Hungarian: A bukás – Hitler utolsó napjai (The Fall - Hitler's Last Days)
  • Italian: La caduta - Gli ultimi giorni di Hitler (The fall - The last days of Hitler)
  • Chinese: 帝国的毁灭 (The destruction of the empire)
  • Japanese: ヒトラー 〜最期の12日間〜 (Hitler - last 12 days)
  • Lithuanian: Trečiojo reicho žlugimas (The collapse of the Third Reich)
  • Polish: Upadek (Fall)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): A Queda: As Últimas Horas de Hitler (The Fall: The Last Hours of Hitler)
  • Russian: Бункер (Bunker)
  • Spanish (Latin America): La caída (The Fall
  • Spanish (Spain): El hundimiento (The Downfall)

Voice actors in other languages

Character French Spanish Italian



Czech Hungarian Japanese
Martin Bormann Adrià Frías Pavel Rímský Szalai Imre
Eva Braun Muriel Mayette Alba Sola Roberta Greganti Cecília Lemes Tereza Bebarová Antal Olga Shizue Masuko
Wilhelm Burgdorf Paco Gáquez Vittorio Guerrieri Pavel Šrom Hajdu István



Hermann Fegelein Axel Kiener Juan Antonio Bernal Loris Loddi Armando Tiraboschi Libor Hruška Fazakas István Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Joseph Goebbels François Chaix Gonzalo Abril Roberto Pedicini Nelson Machado Jiří Štěpnička Trokán Péter Ryuji Mizuno
Magda Goebbels Sylvia Bergé María Luisa Solá Ludovica Modugno Patrícia Scalvi Daniela Bartáková Andresz Kati Yorie Terauchi
Otto Günsche

Raúl Llorens

Francisco Bretas Marek Libert Faragó András
Werner Haase Díez Jesús Carlo Reali Dobránszky Zoltán
Walther Hewel Vicente Gil Miroslav Táborský Varga T. József
Heinrich Himmler Philippe Faure Pep Antón Muñoz Gaetano Varcasia Walter Breda Ladislav Cigánek Cs. Németh Lajos Okawa Toru

Adolf Hitler

Georges Claisse Luis Marco Rodolfo Bianchi Carlos Silveria Jiří Prager Végvári Tamás Chikao Otsuka
Alfred Jodl Carlos Campanile Bohdan Tůma Uri István Masuo Amada
Traudl Junge Élisabeth Ventura Joël Mulachs Domitilla D'Amico Eleonora Prado Jitka Ježková Majsai Nyilas Tünde Asabuki Ando
Wilhelm Keitel Joaquín Díaz Ladislav Županič Áron Lászó Eki Tominobutaka
Hans Krebs

Javier Viñas

José Soares Jiří Kvasnička Wohlmuth István Naoki Bando
Heinz Linge Jordi Ribes Zdeněk Mahdal Németh Gábor
Wilhelm Mohnke Luis Grau Fabrizio Pucci Mauro de Almeida Vladislav Beneš Katona Zoltán Hideo Kazama
Ernst-Günther Schenck Juan Carlos Gustems Angelo Maggi Fábio Moura Jakab Csaba Takaya Haji
Albert Speer Guy Pierre Couleau Oriol Rafel Francesco Prando Luiz Antônio Lobue Zbyšek Pantůček Rosta Sándor Ryo Kamon
Fritz Tornow Petr Burian
Helmuth Weidling Joaquín Díaz Stefano De Sando Muíbo César Cury Jiří Plachý Izsóf Vilmos

Gawami Tamio

Comparisons with some notable quotes

  • Burgdorf, was ist los?! (German)
    • Que se passait Burgdorf? (French)
    • Che sta succedendo? (Italian)
    • Mi folyik itt Burgdorf? (Hungarian)
    • Burgdorfe, co se děje? (Czech)
    • Burgdorf, ¿qué está sucediendo? (Spanish)
  • Man müsste die ganze Luftwaffenführung sofort aufhängen! (German)
    • ​Tous les chefs de le Luftwaffe droit être bousillé immédiatement! (French)
    • Měl bych okamžitě pověsit celé velení Luftwaffe! (Czech)
  • Ach Unsinn! (German)
    • Se t'assure! (French)
  • Ich glaube ich habe mich klar genug ausgedrückt! (German)
    • Já myslím, že jsem se k té situaci vyjádřil dost jasně! (Czech)
  • Das War ein Befehl! (German)
    • Vous êtes la ?????? (French)
    • Isso foi uma ordem! (Portuguese [Brazil])
    • To byl můj rozkaz! (Czech)
    • ¡Es una orden! (Spanish)
  • Der Krieg ist verloren. (German)
    • La guerre c'est perdu (French)
    • La guerra si perde (Italian)
    • A guerra está perdido (Portuguese [Brazil])
    • A háború elveszett. (Hungarian)
    • Válka je prohraná. (Czech)
    • La guerra está perdida. (Spanish)
  • Unter allen ausgerechnet Himmler! (German)
    • Proč ze všech ostatních právě Himmler?! (Czech)
  • Das ist der schlimmste verrat von allen! (German)
    • Pour la troisième Reich, c'est la plus de grave trahison! (French)
    • To je ta nejhorší zrada ze všech zrad! (Czech)
  • Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja! (German)
    • Jo, jo, jo, jo, jo! (Czech) (Note: "Jo" is a colloquial form and it was used to fit into Hitler's mouth. "Ano" is more formal.)
    • D'accord D'accord D'accord! (French)
    • Sim Sim Sim Sim Sim! (Portuguese [Brazil])
    • ¡Sí, sí, sí, sí, sí! (Spanish)
  • Ich will sofort seinen Bericht (German)
  • Niemals! (German)
    • Jamais! (French & Portuguese [Brazil] both pronounced different)
    • Nikdy! (Czech)
    • Soha! (Hungarian, only said by Goebbels)
    • ¡Jamás! (Spanish)
    • Mai! (Keitel says "Mai pure!")
  • Ja, vielleicht schon tot! (German)
    • A možná už mrtvý! (Czech)
    • Ou peut être MORT! (French)
  • Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! (German)
    • Je veux que vous m'ameniez Fegelein! (French)
    • ¡Tráigame a Fegelein! (Spanish)
    • Mi porti qui subito Fegelein! (Italian)
    • Quero Ver Fegelein! (Portuguese [Brazil])
    • Doveďte mi sem Fegeleina! (Czech)

Notable roles of the foreign voice actors

  • For instance:
  • Georges Claisse (Hitler/French) is the French voice actor for Bill Nighy, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, James Caan and more.
  • Axel Kiener (Fegelein/French) is know for the French voice of Vladimir Makarov in Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3
  • Élisabeth Ventura (Traudl/French) also voiced Alexandra Maria Lara as Veronica/Laura in Youth Without Youth
  • Domitilla D'Amico (Traudl/Italian) is quite well know for playing Haruhi Suzumiya in the Italian version of The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Misa Amane in Death Note and Rouge The Bat in Sonic X.
  • Carlos Silveria (Hitler/Portuguese BT) also played Hitler in the Brazilian dub of Dragon Ball Z
  • Chikao Otsuka (Hitler/Japanese) did the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5 and Tag Tournament 2.
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