“The Gate is approaching, get ready!.. I'm gonna shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!!”
―Miles "Tails" Burgdorf
“I wanna rematch! REMATCH!!!”
“But it's not too easy, so Doctor Eggman Fegelein has a trick in side-pocket.”
―Downfall Sonic opening crawl text

Downfall Sonic (known-as Down Fall Sonic, Downfall Sonic Special, Down Fall Sonic SpecialDownfall Sonic Saga and Down Fall Sonic Saga) is a series by soniccis96_metrostar and MetroVG but it's planned as a movie. It's based on Sonic The Hedgehog OVA movie, but the sounds were changed to Star Wars and Downfall sounds. The parody is classified as YouTube Poop officially by channel team. Up from August, 14 2019 the saga was moved to new channel to prevent the main channel to be demonetized.


The plot of the series is almost exactly the same as in Sonic the Hedgehog OVA and Star Wars series, albeit with a few alterations and involving Downfall (Der Untergang) sounds.


Downfall Sonic partly used music from Star Wars saga Intellegent Qube and Final Fantasy Tactics videogames. Also you can hear Flame Joker sound recording from Black Matrix 00 videogame at 2nd part ending. In the Laserdisc special released by Pioneer you can hear Holdin' on sound recording performed by Skillrex at the first moments when Tails Burgdorf is testing his Jet Hoverboard.


Voicing fails

  • Tails speaks as Hitler in episode 2. Once.
  • Tails speaks as Knuckles (Keitel) before his appearing
  • Eggman and Tails speaks as Joseph Goebbels in episode 2. Once.

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