The Downfall Parody Awards was an award ceremony by notoriousrob01 held on a yearly basis to award the best of parodies produced over a 12 month period. The first event was held in 2012 and covered the parodies of 2011. Though the amount of categories overwhelmed the nominators, a handful of nominations did get through, and the results were uploaded on the 7th of January 2012. The award series has ceased to be recognized by the majority of the Untergangering community, as of June–September 2012.

In January 2012, notoriousrob01 changed the award to a monthly format to give equal opportunity to parodies across the year to be nominated, rather than letting parodies produced early in the year be forgotten, as the case in the annual format. This move, however, had a critical flaw of not having any outlet for nominations, as with the previous annual DPA. This essentially made notoriousrob01 the sole judge, jury and executioner.

The DPA took strong criticism in the months following, as the closed system became increasingly biased, with notoriousrob01 playing favouritism towards PiretBCN, by making her win a disproportionate amount of awards for her relatively sub-par parodies, in comparison with the much more deserving parodies made by other untergangers. See this section for more details.

On 12 October 2012, the defunct Unterganger Awards (UA) were announced to address the issues with the DPA, and reform them to create a much fairer, democratic system. The UA was democratic, with monthly nominations that sorely were missing from the monthly DPA. The Unterganger Awards shut down in January of 2018, and the site on February 10th, 2018.

This Wiki has thus discontinued official recognition of the DPA since June 2012, switching instead to the then new defunct Unterganger Awards. The DPA are now seen unfavourably by a majority of the community.


During the annual awards, anyone could nominate a maximum of two parodies for each category.

There was never any nomination process for the monthly format.

2012 Awards Recipients

Major Categories

Title Recipient
Downfall Parody of the Year
Any parody can be nominated.

Magda, The Bunker & Sex by coreqek

Unterganger of the Year
Best Newcomer/Rookie of the Year
The person/account must have started on or after 1 January of the year
Downfall Mini Movie Award
For parodies that combine multiple Downfall scenes into one single video
Hitler and Friends Play Risk by PortoParodyPotty

Scene Category Awards

Title Recipient
Downfall Classic Award
Containing footage of the original 3:59 clip
Hitler Plays The Scary Maze Game by Staedty86
Dinner Scene Award
Containing footage from the dinner scene
Cooking with the Fuhrer! by FegeleinTheLostTapes
Hitler Phones Scene Award Hitler has phone sex with Fegelein by cyberpolice9000
Hitler Plans Scene Award
Hitler Wants Himmler To... Award/Hitler Is Informed By Himmler Award

Hitler wants Himmler to do nothing by hitlerrantsparodies

Downfall Voice Over Award
Can contain any scene/picture in which the Downfall characters voices are played over a scene, e.g Hitler Is Trapped In.... or Hitler Plays MW3 etc.
Hitler Is Trapped on a roller Coaster by Echoes1224 (aka Fegelland)
Hitler Is Informed
(Well, this is the one with Günsche informing, not the one about Göring's letter)
Hitler meets the Fegelein's little sister by Shiga95
Pros & Cons Scene Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler: Platonic Friends by thetruemagicalnegro
Best Fegelein Coming Back To Life Award
How Fegelein inexplainably comes back to life after being killed, lol.
Hitler Launches Fegelein Into Space by hitlerrantsparodies
Goebbels Rants Parody
Either the rant to the generals or the rant to Mohnke
Goebbels Rants About Rebecca Black 'Friday' by Goebbelsrantsparodies
Best Intro/Outro Jesse2282's outro
Best Use of Another Meme In A Downfall Parody Hitler and the singing Burgdorf incident by hitlerrantsparodies
Best Special Effects Parody Award
Best Music Parody Award Music Video Reviews with Adolf Hitler: Friday by Rebecca Black by Echoes1224
Best Fegelein Prank Idea Award Viva La Fegel by FegeleinTheLostTapes
Best Series Award (e.g. Pencil of Doom)
Best Comeback Award
Parody maker who had retired/was on sabbatical and has returned
Shomronon (channel)
Best Bunker Jokes Award
Parody containing the scene with a very drunk Fritz
Krebs Jokes: Without Map by Mabus Parodies

In total, the following Untergangers grossed multiple awards:

  • Hitler Rants Parodies (5)
  • Staedty86 (3)
  • RBC56 (2)
  • FegeleintheLostTapes (2)
  • Echoes1224 (2)

Monthly Awards Recipients

January 2012

Title Recipient

Parody of the Month

Unterganger of the Month

Downfall Classic Award

Hitler Finds it Difficult to Download Porn - hoopsgators

Downfall Voice Over Award

Best Music Parody Award

Dolfes Bunkerley - Crazy - mfaizsyahmi (also for BurgdorfVEVO)

Hitler Is Informed Scene

Hitler is informed about Ibrione's new girlfriend - Ibrione

Best Fegelein Comes Back To Life Award

Hitler uses the Death Star to kill Fegelein - hitlerrantsparodies

Pros & Cons Scene

Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler: 2011 - TheMatt1002

Hitler Plans Scene Award

Jodl is not objecting - Gogar88

Untergangers grossing multiple awards:

  • Hitler Rants Parodies - 2
  • The controversial Tom Harris (tomharrismp) - 2

February 2012

February was a particularly difficult month for Untergangers, due to a brief round of video blockings and takedowns by Constantin Film and a number of plagiarized videos that make its way online. This month's awards introduces a few new award titles, partly because it's February. It's also the month with the most recipients sharing an award so far.

Title Recipient
Unterganger Of The Month
Hitler Is Informed Scene
Best Voiceover Award
Best Downfall Mini Movie
Best Generals Argument If Valve didn't exist by mfaizsyahmi
Downfall Classic Award
Best Valentine's Day Parody
Best Special Effects Parody
Bunker Jokes
Hitler Phones Scene Hitler Phones God by nietzscheprime

Untergangers of parodies grossing multiple awards (includes multiple parodies receiving the same award):

  • Smell of the Ice - 5
  • nietzscheprime - 3
  • FinalFantasyHQ - 2
  • PiretBCN - 2

March 2012

March has been a good and a bad month for the Untergangers. Though reduced, the banning of videos continues. False claim cases begin to show up in increasing numbers. The month also saw newcomers, retirements, reemergence of Untergangers of yore and a ban to our PiretBCN. And yeah, she is the Unterganger of The Month for yet another month.

Even more parodies share awards this month.

Title Recipient
Unterganger of The Month
Parody of The Month
Downfall Classic Award
Hitler Dinner Scene Award Hitler's reaction to the Bat Credit Card by BrunoGanzRocks
Hitler Plans... Award
Bormann Informs Hitler Award
Hitler Is Informed Award
Pros And Cons Award Pros and Cons with Hitler: Fegelein by CootBusiness
Downfall Mini Movie Award
Goebbels Is Upset Award Goebbels is afraid to have his KNEES broken by JacobDoomGuy1994
Goebbels Rants Award
Best Music Parody Hitler Gets A Singing Birthday Card by N0TYourAverageJoe
Best Commercial
Best Voice Over Award
Bunker Jokes Award
Best New Unterganger

Göring shows Hitler what his watch has got by MabusParodies

April 2012

Results were delayed... There have been cases where parodies in final nomination phase disappeared from YouTube.

This month is also significant for the April Fools Day and the month where the majority of events in Downfall took place. Therefore a few special awards were given for the occasion.

Title Recipient
Unterganger of the Month thenewyorkcitay (channel)
TheDownfallWars (channel)
mfaizsyahmi (channel)
AnticsGoddess (channel)
Parody of the Month Speer looks at Traudl's Boobs by MabusParodies
Hitler's ferret by mfaizsyahmi
Hitler's second trip to Japan by Staedty86
What-if-cases with Adolf Hitler #1 by Staedty86
Hitler's Horrific Photo Shoot by thenewyorkcitay
Hitler & the Adventure in the Fegelein Maze by thenewyorkcitay
Hitler's Haunted Bunker by thenewyorkcitay
Fegel 2012 by downfallzawesome
Best Downfall Mini Movie Hitler & the False Alarms by the newyorkcitay
Hitler's Disgusting Confession by thenewyorkcity
Hitler wants to "Whack" Weidling by 1979Onetime
Downfall Parody: The Bunker Games (Hunger Games Spoof) by Soalric
Hitler hires Bunsen and Beaker by TheBermudaMan
MLP Lounge Steam Chat: The Downfall Parody - Part 1 by ImFromNorway
Magda Goebbels lost in the Bundesrepublik by PiretBCN
The überdepressing social life of Willy Burgdorf by PiretBCN
Downfall Classic Award Hitler can't take a joke by reaver567
Hitler is Infrmed He has an Exam by CRJflyer
Hitler Finds Out Obama Ate His Dog by jpoinier
Hitler applies to be a Free Tour Guide by John Mandesan
Hitler Plans Award Hitler plans to fire himself by HermannOttoFegelein1
Virgin Birth in The Führerbunker by AnticsGoddess
Hitler Phones Award Downfall Parody: Hitler Calls Willy Wonka by Soalric
Hitler's Neverending Phone Call by TheDownfallWars
Bormann Informs Hitler Award Hitler Gets A Report On Historical Despots by loathsomepine
Hitler and company say Yo Mamma Jokes 2 by 1979Onetime
Best Goebbels Rants Parody Goebbels rants about Krebs calling the Soviets "Idiots" and "Stupid" by MabusParodies
Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan; Hitler's friends chime in to determine the greatest by 1979Onetime
Best Cameo Appearance Hitler and Co. judge my clarinet performance by smelloftheice
Best Voice Over Parody Hitler in a Mental Asylum by AnticsGoddess
Hitler's Ford Cortina of Carnage by FegalTube
Hitler the Bear by FegelDolfy
Best Special Effects Parody Fegelein loves electricity by NinjaPony42
The Big 100th Downfall Parody: Fegelein turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon: Part 1 by WonkyTonkBotty
Best Music Parody Günsche and the Bunker Girls - The Ceiling Song by mfaizsyahmi
Hitler listens to Mr Zip "Where's me keys, where's me phone" by quiggzify
National cosmopolitans by PiretBCN
April Fools Day Award Hitler is informed that it is not April Fools Day by smoglessbutton4
Hitler's Birthday Award Hitler's Forgotten Birthday by thenewyorkcitay
Happy Birthday, My Führer... by PhoenixFirebreath
Hitler's "Deading" Day Award Hitler gets a report on his death by hitlerrantsparodies
Walpurgisnacht by PiretBCN
Khrushchev Rants Award Khrushchev Rants Award by AnticsGoddess
Banned Parody Award Ever wondered what Hitler does at night? by FegalTube

May 2012

May saw Untergangers leaving the field for good, as well as those who come from retirement. The UotM sockpuppetry scandal was also mentioned by notoriousrob01.

PiretBCN started to win the UotM title again... Let's see for how many successive months she will keep the title!

Title Recipient
Unterganger of the Month Hitler Rants Parodies
Parody of the Month Goebbels International Rant Off 2012 (Dragonborn Edition) by AnticsGoddess
Hitler gets a Playstation 3 and plays Metal Gear Solid 4 (HD) by BigUndertaker
Hitler's New Suit by xMobilemux
Hitler about creation and "normal life" by PiretBCN
Hitler can't find Gunsche or Waldo by 1979Onetime
Hitler and drunk laughing Burgdorf by hitlerrantsparodies
Downfall Classic Award Hitler rants about Facebook's IPO by hitlerrantsparodies
Downfall Mini Movie Award Hitler Pimps His Ride by UDeepEX
Hitler kills Hilter by hitlerrantsparodies
Goering don't want to eat soup by Ironmaidenportugal
Hitler's Drunk Prank Debacle by AtomicAntics
MLP Lounge Steam Chat: The Downfall Parody - Part 2 by ImFromNorway
Hitler plays on his Wii and watches the The Ring Video (HD) by BigUndertaker
Hitler Plans Award Hitler throws flour at President Hollande by hitlerrantsparodies
Kindergarten games by PiretBCN
Hitler appears on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" by hitlerrantsparodies
Hitler plans to get Göring to eat Fegelein by hitlerrantsparodies
Hitler is Informed Award Hitler gets asked for money by WhitePhoenix08
Hitler is informed he is speaking in the wrong order by sickolater
Gerda cry in front of Hitler. by Ironmaidenportugal
Hitler is informed his face has been blocked by hitlerrantsparodies
Best Music Parody Award Adolf Hitler - One Rant by johnnomonster
[DPMV] Burgy D - Domino by BurgdorfVEVO
Secretaries Scene Award Hitler Holds Interviews For Secretary by loathsomepine

5 Tips with Adolf Hitler Award

5 tips with Adolf Hitler - Going to a concert by TheDownfallWars
Best Special Effects Award Hitler get experimented on. (pt25) by mackychloe
Hitler Informed that he is in Animated Form by RBC56
Bunker Jokes Award Bunker jokes: Munich, the capital of the Reich by PiretBCN
Gaddafi Rants Award Unterganger of the Month: May by Benad361
Best Comeback Award Hitler visits The Soviet Union (and circus) by TheSilverUniverse

June 2012

June's results came out late... partly because FegalTube who was to receive two awards committed suicide, forcing notoriousrob01 to amend the announcement video. June's also the month of the passing of Eduard Khil, thus a few awards were handed out in tribute of him.

Title Recipient
Unterganger of the Month lbrione
Parody of the Month Hitler's third trip to Japan by Staedty86
Hitler creeps everyone out by 1979Onetime
Günsches Sufferings by TheSilverUniverse
Hitler rants about women's shoes by Kubrejack
Fegelein pranks Hitler again by Staedty86
Hitler's nightmare by smoglessbutton4
Downfall Classic Award Hitler's R2-D2 voice rant by TheDownfallWars
Hitler Reacts to the Heat 3-1 Lead by VanillaKitchenFilms
Downfall Mini Movie Award 1 year special: Bunker shorts by woolio22
Hitler Infinite Rant by PhoenixFirebreath
Hitler Watches the Cursed Ring Tape by Soalric

Hitler Plans to Steal Obama's Teleprompter by beavis408

  • This entry is missing from the announcement video
Hitler Plans Award Hitler the Good Samaritan? by 1979Onetime
Hitler plans to spam the Downfall parodies forum by ako675
Hitler plans to stop talking gobbledygook by smoglessbutton4
Hitler Is Informed Award Hitler is scared by a creepy cat by TheDownfallWars
Downfall Parody: Hitler the Grammar Nazi by Soalric
Pros And Cons Award Hitler reviews Transformers by OldSkoolgamerz
Hitler's European rants: France by smelloftheice
Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler: Corruption by gsarci2011
Bormann Informs Hitler Award Hitler watches Animal Planet then somebody flips the channel by 1979Onetime
Hitler Phones Award Hitler is phoned by Lionel Richie by TheDownfallWars
Special FX Award Hitler's Toothache by TheSilverUniverse
Downfall Parody: Hitler Meets the Care Bears by Soalric
Best Musical Parody Award Hitler is dancing in the dark by Streptokokkeninfekti
Secretaries Scene Award Traudl doesn't wanna go to sleep by 1979Onetime
Bunker Jokes Award Bunker Jokes - Hitler's Favourite Snack by PhoenixFirebreath
Bunker Jokes - least paid Downfall actor by mfaizsyahmi
Voice Over Award Hitler is trapped inside Göring by johnnomonster
Adolf Hitler's Black Father by 1979Onetime
Hitler - Andreas rastet aus by Streptokokkeninfekti
Cutest Parody Award :3 Otto Günsche tries to wake up Erich Kempka by PiretBCN
Khrushchev Rants Award Khrushchev Reviews: The Bible by AnticsGoddess
"Disturbing" Parody Award Magda Goebbels kills her children while I play unfitting music by smelloftheice
Eduard Khil Tribute Award Hitler is informed the Trololo guy ist tot by Echoes1224
Hitler is informed Eduard Khil aka Trololo guy has passed away by Streptokokkeninfekti
Hitler hears about the Trololo Man by L33TH3R34P3R
Hitler is Informed that Trololo Guy is Dead + Goebbels Cries for Trololo Guy by UDeepEX
Hitler is informed Trololo has died by shomronon
A Sad Day in the Führerbunker by johnnomonster

Criticism and controversy

During the latter half of 2012, the Downfall Parody Awards had came under fire from many Untergangers for a variety of reasons. Criticism has ranged from Notoriousrob01's lack of any democratic voting outlet through which he can give his viewers a chance to have a say (unlike the Unterganger of the Month and Parody of the Month awards), to his perceived susceptibility to favouritism in giving out awards. This can particularly be seen by the fact that many untergangers have become increasingly disillusioned by the fact that notoriousrob constantly awards the Unterganger of the Month category to PiretBCN for months at a time, without her seemingly earning it on any sort of merit .

Untergangers have also complained about the fact that the Downfall Parody Awards have become increasingly behind schedule as well as responding to all of his messages excluding the ones related to the said DPA. For example, the Downfall Parody awards for July and August were not released until September, despite Notoriousrob's constant activity on his channel.

This has led Benad361 and Master Studios to seriously consider taking action to salvage the awards (see below).

Initially uncertain times

The future of the award system was initially uncertain, due to the halt in the production of the announcement videos and the inactivity of notoriousrob01 in maintaining the system (via award video uploads and so on). Untergangers Benad361, Trapped Antics and others had repeatedly tried to contact notoriousrob about the awards, but had no replies. This had notably been the norm since serious complaints arose about his conduct in the management of the awards.

Around September 3, 2012, Benad361 and Master Studios discussed on a proposed takeover of the award system with other Untergangers and amongst themselves in messages. Benad361 proposed this motion to notoriousrob, who failed to reply to any of the messages despite much activity on his channel. This temporarily left the two uncertain as to how to proceed. Benad361 made another proposal of a takeover on 12 September 2012 to notoriousrob and waited for a reply. In the proposal, they planned to reform the award system and make it much less undemocratic (giving viewers a chance to vote), much less prone to favouritism (judges will not be allowed to hand-pick winners), and much more efficiently maintained. An official announcement was also planned. However, notoriousrob suddenly returned a few hours beforehand and announced the results of July's Downfall Parody Awards, justifying his lack of replies by claiming that he was on holiday and could not make the announcement videos.

The October Revolution

After a second thread on the forum gained the attention of many, the predicted announcement finally took place on 12 October 2012, dubbed the October Revolution. It happened after notoriousrob announced September's DPA results, and gave as many as ten separate awards to controversial Unterganger PiretBCN. Prior to the announcement, the Unterganging community had expressed widespread outrage at Rob's conduct as a result of the September nominations, and some requested that the two (Benad361 and Master Studios) take action. Benad361 in particular said this was the "final straw", and that he had been willing to give rob another chance prior to this drastic increase in favouritism. TheSilverUniverse also joined the scene, and the three became a trio.

They formed a new award show, named the Unterganger Awards. They have announced that it will not supplant the DPA, but would rather run alongside it. Notoriousrob01 continued to run the DPA, but without its former glory and recognition by the majority of the Unterganging community. The DPA has not seen any activity since the DPA awards of 2012, uploaded February 2013, so it is assumed that the DPA has been concluded. Unfortunately, the Unterganger Awards Shut down in January of 2018, and the site February 10th, 2018.


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