The Downfall Academy Awards is an annual competition run by DelphoxThe Jononator, and Juegoxi. The DAA is part of Unterganger Central.


  • Parody of the Year (Separate category)
  • Unterganger of the Year (Separate category)
  • Newcomer of the Year (Separate category)
  • Best FX Parody
  • Best Current Events Parody
  • Best Series
  • Best Story-Based Parody
  • Best Video Game Parody
  • Best Audio-Based Parody
  • Best DPMV (Music Parody)
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Humorous Parody
  • Best Parody by a Newcomer

Nomination & Award Process

Anyone can nominate through the Unterganger Chat Central Discord server. The nomination & award process is almost exactly the same as it is in the Downfall Community Awards, except that the winning parodies and Untergangers in the DCA are automatically nominated for the DAA.

  1. You nominate your chosen parodies. You can nominate as many parodies as you want for each category. If you nominate one of your parodies, you MUST nominate a parody from other Untergangers in the same category.
  2. The nominations close and the Judges start choosing their favourite parodies from each category.
  3. The winners are then announced in a video uploaded on the Unterganger Central YouTube channel.



Category Winner(s)
Best Audio-Based

Hitler and Friends rant in English about the fake German subtitles! by WonkyTonkBotty

Best Current Events

Delphox catches ITS clopping to a video of Banned from Equestria Daily by WonkyTonkBotty


(DPMV) Adolf Hitler - What Untergangers Do (Parody Of What Lovers Do By Maroon 5) by Delphox

Best FX

Hitler's Unpleasant Birthday Surprise! by WonkyTonkBotty

Best Series

Downfall parody: Hitler Sends Göring to Africa S03E05 - "Finale, Or: Truly The End" by F-A Alexander

Best Story

Hitler becomes Mayor: Part One (The Journeying) by Equiduo

Best Video Game

Downfall: The Last Straw demo Playthrough/Reveal! (5000 Subscriber Special) by WonkyTonkBotty

Most Innovative

Hitler The Army Man by Weird Hitler Parodies

Best Parody by a Newcomer

Hitler's bad day on the soccer field--#2 (Hitler soccer fails) by Reich Motion Pictures

Unterganger of the Year


Newcomer of the Year

Reich Motion Pictures

Parody of the Year

Hitler's Trip To Taiwan - Season 1 Episode 1 (A Fegeltastic Vantication) by Delphox, The Jononator & CloroxEnergyDrink

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