​DownfallParodies, (formerly known as ReactionsOfHitler) is a British fourth-generation Unterganger who started making parodies in July 2016.


He is known for his simplistic parodies, his most popular ones being Hitler plays Warfare 1944 and Hitler is informed that Hillary Clinton is winning in the election.  His channel started in July 2016, and has a count of 29 subscribers and 1,005 views (as of December 2016).


DownfallParodies takes advantage of current real-life events in the world, turning them into parodies, they are also sometimes based on politics or real-life products, used in Hitler is informed that he has no PPI. His parodies are fairly simple and short, but some are long and better parodies are planned in the future. He has primarily used Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.


DownfallParodies is an active member of the HRP Discord chatroom. He also sometimes interacts with his viewers, with videos of facts about him but also Q&A's.

Unterganger Awards

DownfallParodies won Best Parody by a Newcomer in December 2016's Unterganger Awards with Hitler is informed that Trump has won the US election parody.

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