Dorothee Kranz
Dorothee Kranz


Dorothee Kranz


Peter's mother

Known for

Being Peter's mother


Peter's mom

Played by

Ulrike Krumbiegel

Dorothee Kranz is the wife of Wilhelm Kranz and mother of Peter Kranz in Downfall.

Role In Downfall

She cares very much for her son, and does not appear to dislike the fact that he joined the Hitler Youth, unlike his father. She gets in an argument with Wilhelm about it, but it's only interrupted when Peter comes home, calls the latter a coward, and runs away angry. Both parents proceed to chase after Peter.

Later, she is with Wilhelm in a ruined building, along with other people, with her head covered in a scarf. Peter joins them soon, gives them some bread and expresses his desire to leave. Wilhelm refuses to let him go, and a soldier intervenes. Dorothee tries to calm Wilhelm, and eventually the conflict settles in. Peter flees and Dorothee shouts his name to come back, to no avail.

When Peter returns home, he finds her dead, after she was shot in the head by a Greifkommando, who had also hanged Wilhelm and just exited the house.

She was played by the German actress Ulrike Krumbiegel.

In Downfall Parodies

She has appeared briefly in very few parodies, mainly because she appears in very few scenes.



  • Just like her husband Wilhelm, her son Peter, Tellermann and Stehr, Dorothee is a fictional character in Downfall.
  • Her name is revealed in the film credits.
  • The scenes where she argues with Wilhelm and when she's present in the ruins with Wilhelm, are included only in the Extended edition.
  • Dorothee speaks with a Berlin accent in the German original of Downfall.

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