Dominus is a sixth-generation Unterganger from the United States. He currently has over 70 subscribers, 7100 video views, and 25 parodies. His first parody was uploaded on November 7th, 2018.

Parody Style

Dominus makes his parodies in the traditional style, but he often employs a story behind them. His most well known case is a series concerning Hitler and Bob vs Anime School. He has an affection for Traudl Junge and as such, incorporates her into his parodies and parody universe.

In terms of creating the parodies in the first place, Dominus stated that he uses an Ipad. However on April 4th 2019, he began to use his computer again as announced on backtocomputer.mp3


  • He is a regular on Unterganger Chat Central and is known for constantly reposting the same pictures/self-created memes, much to the chagrin of some users.
  • His affection for Traudl is unlike anything one has seen before. 

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