Dolfy Hitler Parodies is a second-generation Unterganger from Canada. He currently has over 14,000 subscribers, 2,950,000 video views, and 36 parodies. However, he appears to be one of the most unknown Untergangers within the Downfall community.

Parody Style

He initially began making parodies in the traditional style, but soon delved into parodies that involve special effects, usually through headpasting. He also adds various animals, mostly for humourous situations, such as spiders, a lion, and a snake. He also creates many crossovers with fictional and non-fictional material, such as the mask, Robocop, the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final, Snickers, and many other materials. He also created Naziland, an amusement park similar to FegelLand in Echoes1224's parodies.

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