DolfyAntics (also known as DA or DS, formerly known as FegelAntic12) is a female Unterganger from Denmark who started making Downfall parodies back in April 2013.

Her first parody is called "Hitler is informed that Hogwarts does not exist" and it currently has 128 views. A couple of month later, a user with the display name Hermann Fegelein commented on it by saying: "Hogwarts does exist, just in Fegelland" and then she has gotten more attention. She now has reached 15 subscribers.

She didn't know anything about the parodies, or the Unterganger theme until she found FegeleintheLostTapes and Hitlerrantsparodies on YouTube and later she thought: "why not try to make them?"

She uses Windows Movie Maker and VideoPad Video Editor to edit videos, but is planning to upgrade her software to something better. She also likes to read, write stories and listen to music.

In December 2014, she uploaded a video in which she said she would take a break from Unterganging. It's possible that she has retired.

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