Deutsch Land

Owned and Operated By

Adolf Hitler



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Deutsch Land is an amusement park owned and operated by Adolf Hitler and Reich Corp., and is located in Berlin, Germany. Hitler ordered the park erected to compete against his rival Hermann Fegelein's FegelLand. It boasts several attractions like the famous Reich Roller Coaster, the Swingin' U-Boat, and the Stuka Screamer. It also has a zoo and aquarium where Jewish animals and fishes are displayed for all of the Aryan Reich to see.


Just like FegelLand, Deutsch Land was mentioned in the Downfall Parodies when a Six Flags commercial was modified to show Hitler's head in place of Mr. Six. It was also briefly mentioned in Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park.


Since opening in 1938, Deutsch Land has become one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe, and Reich Corp. is in negotiations with Muammar al-Gaddafi and his family to build Deutsch Land Tripoli. Reich Corp. also assigned Captain Willenbrock and his U-Boat crew to create a Deutsch Land on the Sea, using their U-Boat and not much else. However, Captain Willenbrock naturally defied his direct orders and instead created his own theme park called NavyLand.

Deutsch Land's biggest competitors are of course FegelLand, owned by Antic Master Hermann Fegelein, Felicity Merriman's Merri-Land, which was an offshoot of the famous Colonial Williamsburg park in Virginia (and was also a joint venture with Fegelein), Captain Willenbrock's NavyLand (which was a commercial success despite being located underwater), and the Tukhachevsky's Park of Antics and Amusement in Moscow, owned by Mikhail Tukhachevsky and his company, the Open Joint Stock Company Tukhachevsky Antics and Holdings. The latter company has filed a lawsuit against the former, citing a theft of ideas, which has led customers to choose less controversial amusement parks; namely, Deutsch Land.

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