This is the project page for Der Untergang: The Parody (DUTP). DUTP is a project to spoof the entirety of Downfall, scene by scene, by various Untergangers.

The last known manager of the project is Soalric, but he is now retired since 30 May 2016, and no longer actively managing.


Der Untergang: The Parody is an ongoing community collaboration parody that spoofs the entire film of Downfall. It is the second full-length parody, preceded by The Downfall Parody Movie by YouTuber ASSHOLELA (which have since been removed). The entire movie has been organized into a playlist here . Due to the massive scale of Untergangers and Untergangerins participating in this, this is one of the most ambitious parodies ever conceived.


Each participant claims one or two scenes to parody, and after publishing it, passes to the next participant. Working from the basic premise of The Greater War, participants are free to expand and elaborate the plot (and leave plot holes unpatched).


The parody, as previously mentioned, is a compilation of parody scenes made by many different Untergangers. The process is currently ongoing, and anyone who wishes to participate may claim a scene here. More information below the table.

Part Scenes Unterganger Status
Introduction - 1

Title / Prologue / Hitler's Secretarial Interview

2 Battle Scenes (Part One) / Hitler Phone Scene / Eva and Traudl discuss in the kitchen / Fegelein and Himmler at Hitler's birthday FinalFantasyHQ published
3 - 4

Schenck and the burning of documents / Himmler greets Hitler / Himmler and Fegelein at the garage / Hitler walks around the model of Berlin / Hitler Youth Scene / Hitler Planning Scene



Goebbels Talks

Mitchell Hang

5 - 6 Hitler Talks to Mohnke / Hitler's Generals Discussing Scene / Hitler congratulates the Hitler Youth / Traudl, Gerda and Constanze talk in bed / Schenck and Müller around a bonfire / Hitler and Speer chat / Party Scene / Soalric
7 Battle Scenes (Part Two)/ Mohnke calls Schenck / Weidling goes in the Bunker Benad361 re-uploaded
8 Schenck in the hospital mfaizsyahmi published
9 Wilhelm and Dorothee Kranz Arguing 20fadhil re-uploaded
10 Singing Burgdorf Scene / Peter Kranz's street battle WonkyTonkBotty published
11 Fegelein talking to Traudl and Gerda / Original Bunker Scene DictatorAntics published
12 After the Original Bunker Scene / Fegelein and Friends / Traudl and Gerda talking in bed / Eva walks Blondi / Hitler Laughing Scene KoffeePerkulator published
13 Battle Scenes (third part - Mohnke) / Schenck and Muller in a truck / Mohnke talks to Goebbels s2iDP re-uploaded
14 Eva talking on the phone with Fegelein / Goebbels's children sing to Hitler / Schenck and Haase operating / Hitler instructs how to commit suicide / Eva and Magda write their letters / Hitler stares at his favourite painting Hitler Rants Parodies re-uploaded
15 Peter Kranz in the bomb shelter / Battle Scenes (fourth part - Peter Kranz) / Hitler talks about the Battle of Berlin / Peter Kranz hides in the artillery crater PunchOfJustice published
16 Keitel, Krebs and others talk / Hitler talks to Keitel / Battle Scenes (fifth part - well) / Bormann informs Hitler SantaofLaughs published
17 - 18 Speer and Traudl talk / Peter Kranz in the fog / Magda, Eva and Bormann talk to Speer / Speer's last conversation with Hitler (main part) gunscheparodies
19 - 20 Speer's last conversation with Hitler (last part with Magda and Speer leaving) / Peter returns home / Traudl and the singing Goebbels children / Hitler meets Greim and Reitsch / Hitler Eating Scene / Hitler Explains Scene PunchOfJustice
21 Traudl and Eva discuss Fegelein's flee / Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche 1979Onetime re-uploaded
22 Grawitz family's suicide / Högl enters the brothel / Fegelein's Arrest Scene / Eva wants Hitler to spare Fegelein biohazard434 published
23 Weidling and Mohnke inform Hitler / Hitler's generals discusses and Burgdorf gets angry / Fegelein Execution Scene CanaDolfy98 re-uploaded
24 - 26 Traudl is late to Hitler's dictation / Hitler will scene / Goebbels crying scene / Hitler wedding scene / Mohnke caught in the artillery fire / Mohnke talks to Hitler / Hitler and his generals receive telegram from Keitel / Hitler instructs Günsche Mitchell Hang
27 Haase, Flegel and Schenck meet Hitler / The doctors and the drunken people / Soldiers deliver gasoline to the bunker / Blondi is killed GeneBernardinoLawl published

Current rules forbid one from choosing random scenes in Downfall's timeline (because you don't always get what you want), and an Unterganger can only choose one or several consecutive scenes that directly succeeded the last reservation.

In order to get a favourable scene, one must wait until at least one scene leading to the targeted scene has been reserved or parodied, whichever comes first.

More or less every scene in Downfall is listed here for reference. There are gaps in this list, of course, and Untergangers should start exactly where the last part is left off until the assigned scene(s) is/are finished.

Takedowns, Deletions and Privations

Parts 3-4 and 5-6 (formerly 3 and 4, respectively) were taken down from YouTube within days after the latter was uploaded. A month later, part 1 was also taken down. It has been speculated that Constantin Film was doing their usual routine takedowns, this time targeting parodies longer than around 6 minutes, to weed out potential illegal hosting of the whole movie in parts. Since this parody collaboration is in fact spoofing the entire movie, it is very susceptible to false detection by automated systems. Therefore, all participants are advised to split their sections, if necessary, into chunks no longer than five minutes.

For various reasons, S2iDP and Hitler Rants Parodies both had their parts taken down (parts 13 and 14, respectively) from their channels. Soalric later re-uploaded these parts. When 1979Onetime took down his channel (again), he took down Part 21 with it. Eventually, Soalric managed to re-upload this part as well.

Part 2 was briefly taken down, along with almost all of FinalFantasyHQ's parodies, but they have been oddly brought back up.

To prevent any type of sudden deletions and losses of any parts of the collaboration, CanaDolfy98 decided to back up all of the parts onto a mediafire folder.

For various reasons, Benad361 made his part private (part 7, respectively) from his channel. Venkyra21 later re-uploaded the part. When CanaDolfy98 took down his channel, he took down Part 23 with it. Eventually, QuestionTuesdayFTW managed to re-upload this part as well. When 20fadhil's channel is terminated, terminated Part 9 with it. Eventually, CanaDolfy98 managed to re-upload this part as well.

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