Der Disneygang is a Downfall parody series by Soalric. The plot describes the buyout of the Disney Universe by Hitler. The series is followed by a sequel Battle for the Bunker.

Making Of

Soalric first received inspiration for the series by watching "The Prince of Egypt", which led him to desire to make a parody based off of it. After a few months of deliberating on several concepts, he got the idea to turn it into a massive mixture of his trailer parodies with his Downfall parodies, As time went on, he decided to turn it into a full-length series after seeing the successful debuts of The Antic Menace and Rosen Wars.  He started formal work on January 16.



Hitler Buys the Disney Universe

Hitler Buys the Disney Universe

The prologue to the series.

Uploaded February 26, 2013.

Reich News Network presents the story that Hitler has purchased the Disney macrocosm (obviously), which encompasses the characters and worlds of the Disney animated canon, Pixar, and Disney Channel. However, the purchase does NOT include Marvel and Lucasfilms, which Disney is allowed to keep. Jacques Chirac makes a statement, afterward, describing the deal as "very interesting".



The series as a whole has won the Unterganger Awards of March 2013 for Best FX and Best Series and October 2013 for Best Series.

Part one of the series, a mostly musical crossover, has won the Unterganger Awards of March 2013 for Best Seasonal, Most Innovative and Best Bizarre crossover. Part five of the series, has won the Unterganger Awards of October 2013 for Best Bizarre crossover. Deleted scene of the series, has won the Unterganger Awards of January/February 2014 for Best Bizarre crossover. It also won the Parody of the Month of March, October 2013 and January 2014.


Fanfiction Adaptation

The series was adapted into a written story on, with the first part published on November 23, 2013. The story includes elements that happened behind the scenes, and narrates the story from the Disney universe's perspective. A link to the story is available here . In early 2016, the written story was deleted.


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