The Depressing Parody Contest was meant to be the second contest hosted by PotatoParodies, after the Worst Downfall Parody Contest. It was announced on October 20, 2016.


The concept of this contest was to make the saddest and most depressing parody ever. A maximum of 2 entries were allowed to be entered into the contest. The parody had to be under 6 minutes, must not have been based off an actual event, and was encouraged to be original.

Entries were to be scored based on content, background, and effort. The scoring categories were left vague to be open to all skill levels. The winner would have received a $5 CDN Amazon or Steam gift card.


The same day Potato announced the contest, Hitler Rants Parodies announced his contest. Potato, seeing possible conflicts with the two contests running at the same time, decided to run a poll to see what the community thought he should do regarding the contest. Most people voted for him to run it simultaneously with HRP's contest and do nothing.

On November 28th, 2016, after receiving no entries with the deadline closely approaching, PotatoParodies cancelled the contest. The simultaneous running of the two contests could be seen as a reason for the lack of entries, and therefore, the cancellation of the contest.

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