DeltaForce62, also known as DF62TV, Jayvee28 and alexeiborodin is a Filipino Unterganger, whose parodies involved Hitler and the bunker dealing with Filipino and international celebrities. His recent parodies involved Hitler and Günsche destroying ShaWillie pictures posted in their rooms, by Fegelein. The two used a Panda costume to destroy the pictures, which is called "Führer-Panda or PandaFührer". He was a comrade of yeontura.

His intros changes from time to time:

  • Yeontura's 2010 intro, which is derived from Bossimias,
  • Phineas And Ferb's "Music Makes Us Better",
  • The Birthday of the Magalona Sisters intro used the Upin dan Ipin (a Malaysian CGI cartoon) song,
  • His own intro, using the music Loca of Shakira feat. Dizzie Rascal and Delilah of Tom Jones,
  • The FührerPanda intro, based on Walker Texas Ranger,
  • The latest version of the intro used Lady Gaga's Born This Way.
  • 4Minute Hot Issue (Used for Lingepedia and Sandra Telfair).

Retirement and Return

On February 13, 2012, Delta decided to retire due to real-life committments, committing suicide in the process and thanking everyone who viewed his parodies.

On February 2017, he returned under the name DF62TV.


Non-Downfall characters used in his parodies.

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