Del, known as .Del outside YouTube, and formerly known as Nerfmaster000 and Dejected Angel, is a second generation unterganger who first began making parodies in 2013 before retiring. He recently returned to parody making in February 2017 after bumping into Delphox.


Del made his YouTube channel under the name Nerfmaster000 in May 2010, but never uploaded anything. He was inspired to make parodies after seeing many other parodies by famous Untergangers, and uploaded his first parody in April 2013. However, after only uploading 3 parodies, he retired due to life getting busy. He began making gameplay videos, and changed his name to Dejected Angel soon after.

In 2017, he met Delphox in a Delphox (The Pokemon) fan group on Steam. He eventually found out that Delphox was an Unterganger. With some help, he was reintroduced into the Unterganging community. His first parody of this "new era" was uploaded in February 2017.

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