Deficere2 was a Swedish YouTuber who exclusively made YTPMVs and remixes. Joining YouTube on 16 October 2012, he made his entry into Downfall parodies with the upload of his "Adolf Hitler - Nazi Rock Anthem" DPMV on 26 January 2013. Two more DPMVs were uploaded later, with Hitler singing a spoof of Call Me, Maybe, as well as PSY's (at the time) new hit Gentleman, the latter of which earned him the Unterganger of the Month title for April 2013.

He used Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, FL Studio and Celemony Melodyne Editor for his videos.

On February 20, 2015, his account was taken down by multiple third-party claims for copyright violations; mirrors of some of his DPMVs have since been made by third-party YouTubers.

As of 2016 Deficere apparently moved on to composing original orchestral music, to which he posts his compositions on his SoundCloud account under his real name.[1]


  1. Mikael Andersson

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