Das Reich or aka ArtofReich, is an Unterganger from Thailand. His Unterganging style is to make parodies in the form of cartoon drawings. His first fanart was uploaded on the Hitler Parody Wiki featuring Krebs and Burgdorf in SD version. He later gained recognition in the Untergangers Chat, of which was the main site that he would participate in, for his works. His first parody video, Hitler wants to decorate his bunker, was uploaded on 7 June 2012 after he considered going beyond drawings.

In late 2012, he had considered retirement due to busy personal life as well as school. From mid 2013 onwards, he appeared to no longer participate in the community but still maintains occasional contact with a few select Untergangers, via external websites. He is still highly regarded for the quality of his drawings today.

Drawing Styles


  • Manga Studio (for drawing)
  • Photoshop (for coloring)
  • Paint (!?!)


Fanart requesting & rules

  • You can request fanarts from him here
  • No 18+ or NSFW drawings
  • No trolling arts (e.g. Hitler with a poop on his head, etc...)
  • Don't keep asking when you will get the fanart, you'll see them when it's finished.
  • Request characters from Parody Universe only.

Weekly Featured Images & Specials


Let's Draw with Das Reich!!

Episode 1 : Quick sketch of FEGELEIN!!!f

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