DarkFegeleinRises is an Untergangerin. She started her YouTube channel in mid-2013, and started uploading videos around the same time. Her last parody was uploaded in March 2014, so she can be considered retired.

It's likely she resides in Canada. She was a teenager when she began making parodies, her current age is unknown. DarkFegeleinRises originally created her account in order to put her beginning comedic skill into action as she is an amateur comedian in real life.

Video style

DarkFegelein's videos generally depict Hitler to be overly passive-aggressive and childish. This can be seen in most of the videos, such as Hitler plays Happy Wheels and Hitler's manly fight.

List of videos

This is a list of the videos uploaded by DarkFegeleinRises in chronological order.

  1. Fegelein screws up the resolution
  2. Do the Fegelein Shake
  3. Stalin phones Hitler
  4. Right in the Fuhrer's face
  5. Hitler plays Happy Wheels
  6. Hitler's manly fight
  7. Marois reacts to the April 7 vote for a majority government
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