DXFan619GotSuspended, originally SuperDXFan619, is an Unterganger who makes Downfall Parodies. He in addition also makes a variety of other videos of different genres that range from anime to WWE Wrestling. Unlike other Untergangers, DXFan never used the term "Unterganger". He refer them as "Downfall Parody Artists" instead. Some of his parodies also involved the so-called "Lost Downfall Parody Arists" - Untergangers with the style of Bleach characters.

He organized a competition during 2010, announcing the winners as a part of the "Lost Downfall Parody Artists". The winners were Shomronon with this parody and Ezi0AuditoreDiFirenz with this parody (needs reference).

Retirement and return

His channel was later suspended as well after receiving multiple notifications from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, TV Tokyo and Record Industry Association of Japan. He has made a new channel, DXFan619Revisited, though neither Downfall parodies nor Downfall-related videos/activities are present.

On 29 October 2012, he announced his return on the Downfall Parodies Forum.

However, as of September 2013, he removed all of his Downfall parodies, replacing them with other series, such as Games I F*cking Hate. He is therefore retired.

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