CrizerPL (formerly CrizeR6772) is an 2nd-generation Unterganger from Poland. He describes his YouTube channel as the dumbest humour on Polish YouTube. As of April 20th, 2017 he has 190 350 total views and 858 subscribers.


His first Downfall parody was uploaded on September 7th, 2013. It was the first parody of Hitler vs Fegelein series. In this episode Fegelein pursues Hitler to give him 20 dollars by constant playing of Ron Browz's Gimme 20 dollars song, interrupted twice with Nyan Cat song.

The Downfall parodies are the 2nd popular thing on his channel. Mostly he's known for making Leopold Slikk parodies, which he publishes it as two separate series: Zaginione taśmy Leopolda (Leopold's Lost Tapes, 5-10 min long films) and Leopold Szort (1-2 min long). In the second episode of long series, Leopold calls Hitler (portayed here as Leopold's grandfather) and complains about problems with negros, that he uses as central processing unit for his computer[1].

In other parody, Leopold hipnotizes Günsche, which causes him to behave as gay. That was shown as punishment for Hitler, who earlier refused to give Leopold a new set of keyboards. Later Hitler repays himself by installing HUVDU Napletex[2] - an operating system, which is remotely controlled by Hitler's generals, mostly by Fegelein.


His parodies are often based on original footage, but strongly modified by adding visual effects, pictures and screen-captured videos. Some other are simple animations made by Vegas Pro and Paint.NET or other programs.

Notable parodies


  1. Don't ask, please...
  2. Literally:CO(ck)INAS(s) Foreskinex, refers to fictional soccer team RKS Huwdu from animated show Kapitan Bomba.

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