The Council of Hitlers is the name giving to the many, many different Hitlers we had over the years. It could also mean the many Hitlers created by Fegelein's antic which involved a Nazi cloning machine that Albert Speer sold to him, but that was a different story altogether.

The Hitlers

Hitlers Description Portrayed by
Real Life Adolf Hitler Possibly the councilor of the whole council. Himself
Downfall Adolf Hitler The main star of Der Untergang, as well as the meme. Bruno Ganz
Inglourious Basterds Adolf Hitler The one who shouted "nein" for exactly 6 times.
The first nein precedes the scene (heard when Aldo Raine is still visible) and is clipped in most parodies
Martin Wuttke
The Bunker Adolf Hitler The English speaking Hitler. His best known lines is... "THE WAR IS NOT LOST! THE WAR IS NOT LOST, THE WAR WILL NEVER BE LOST!". Anthony Hopkins
Valkyrie Adolf Hitler The English-speaking antagonist of the movie Valkyrie. Also has Krebs-level map pointing skills. David Bamber
The Last Ten Days Adolf Hitler The Hitler from Hitler: The Last Ten Days (duh). Also an English speaking Hitler. Sir Alec Guinness
Liberation Adolf Hitler The Hitler that appears in black-and-white, in the epic five-part Soviet film Liberation. Fritz Diez
The Desert Fox Adolf Hitler The English-speaking Hitler who confronts Rommel. Luther Adler
Mein Führer - Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler Hitler The main star of Mein Führer - The Really Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler, a 2007 comedy film. Helge Schneider
Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea Adolf Hitler The Czech speaking Hitler from a 1977 Czechoslovak sci-fi comedy. František Vicena
Rommel Hitler Hitler from the 2012 German TV film Rommel. Unlike most Hitlers he has a better temperament. Johannes Silberschneider
The Simpsons Hitler A yellow-coloured Hitler whom Homer once wanted to shoot. Appeared several times.
Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Hitler The Hitler Indy met during a night book-burning ceremony. He even signed Indy's book (diary?). (See also Indiana Jones Nazis) Michael Sheard
Wolfenstein Hitler The boss you have to defeat at the end of the game.

Also appears in Wolfenstein II:The New Colossus at the Venus base.

Star Trek Hitler In Star Trek: Enterprise episode Storm Front part II, there was an alternate timeline in which Hitler took over the USA. One picture showed him in front of the statue of Liberty.
War and Remembrance Hitler The Hitler from the mini-series War and Remembrance and quite possibly the most goofiest Hitler ever seen. Also speaks English rather than German. Steven Berkoff
Hey Arnold! Hitler The Hitler who was beaten up by Steely Phil in Hey Arnold!
Monty Python Hitler Also known as Mr. Hilter. He has his own version of Himmler (Bimmler, portrayed by Michael Palin) and Von Ribbentrop (Ron Vibbentrop, portrayed by Graham Chapman). John Cleese
Gay Hitler A Hitler with a camp-pitched voice and a substantially gayer haircut, who rants against a white background.
Family Guy Hitler Tried to kill himself along with his Eva.
Reltih Downfall Hitler's clone from another universe. He's actually not a member of the Council. In fact, he wants to kill every member of it. Znag Onurb
Naruto Hitler The guy who appeared in a certain Naruto episode that has a moustache similar to Hitler's
Doctor Who Hitler Appeared in BBC's Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler", where a robot named the Teselecta assumes the identity of a German general named Erich Zimmerman and attacks him. He is accidentally saved by the Eleventh Doctor when his TARDIS crashes into his office, knocking the robot. Hitler shoots the robot only to be punched by Rory, who takes his gun, tells him to shut up and locks him in a cupboard. Albert Welling
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Hitler The young Hitler and his rise to power. A bit psycho and crazy. He also always keeps a straight face throughout the movie. Full of historical inaccuracies. Also speaks English, but chooses to speak German during the War of The Hitlers. Robert Carlyle
Joe & Max Hitler A Hitler with a true mustache who greets Joe and Max. Portrayed by Krebs (Downfall Hitler wasn't happy when he found out). Rolf Kanies
To Be or Not to Be (1983) Hitler

Actually there are two Hitlers:

  • The first one is an impersonation by a Jew in a theatre parody play. His best line is: "Heil myself!".
  • The second one is supposed to be the real Hitler who comes at the theatre and his face is only partially seen.
Mel Brooks (first one)

Roy Goldman (second one)

Le Grand Restaurant Hitler Not exactly a Hitler, but rather the shadow of a chandelier falling on Louis de Funes's bald head while he speaks in German to Herr Müller. Louis de Funes
Battle of Britain Hitler Appeared in a short scene where he is shown giving a speech to a crowd of people. Although his face is never clearly shown, it is made clear that this is Hitler. Rolf Stiefel
Heil Honey I'm Home! Hitler An English-speaking Hitler who lives with Eva Braun next door to a Jewish couple with whom he does not get along. Neil McCaul
Shitler The shittiest Hitler ever.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Hitler The guy who got zapped into oblivion by Albert Einstein in the first Red Alert game.

In Hitler Rants Parodies' universe, the Downfall Hitler is, in fact, the C&C Hitler as both of them got killed by Einstein.

Moe Hailstone Not really a Hitler, but a parody and satire to Hitler. He is the dictator of the country Moronica. Appeared in The Three Stooges' shorts, You Nazty Spy and I'll Never Heil Again. Moe Howard
Captain Planet Hitler Appeared in the fifth season's episode A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find. This Genghis Khan-like Hitler has a "caterpillar on his lip", and wanted to buy, then steal a nuclear bomb from dr Blight. He also PWNS Captain Planet with only his hate, by just standing there.
Blazing Saddles Hitler Technically not a Hitler, but an actor, portraying him in an unidentified movie, named Joey. He is briefly seen having lunch with another actor explaining that he will be finished "right after the bunker scene" just before the main cast breaks into the cafeteria. Ralph Manza
Dear Friend Hitler Hitler A Hindi-speaking Hitler that appears to be on a curry overdose, with arguably the most exotic rant of the Hitlers. He is also notable for saying "Barney". Raghubir Yadav
The Producers Hitler A re-enactment Hitler musical created by a fictive former Nazi in a play called "Springtime for Hitler".

The original 1968 film was remade in 2005.

Dick Shawn (1968)

Gary Beach (2005)

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? Hitler Although his face is not seen, the guy who debriefs the generals to assault the Italian village of Valerno is Hitler, indicated by his brown shirt and swastika arm band. Additionally when he gets out of the briefing room, chants of Sieg Heils can be heard.
The Great Dictator Hitler Also known as Adenoid Hynkel. Charlie Chaplin
The Man Who Crossed Hitler Hitler A Hitler that participates at the trial of some Nazis that killed some communists. The Jewish lawyer, Hans Litten, prosecutes them and, at the suggestion of his boss Rudolf Olden, agrees to sub-poena Hitler. Ian Hart
Mein Kampf Hitler A young Hitler who comes to Vienna to paint. Tom Schilling
Dead Ringers Hitler A re-enactment Hitler, from a British sketch show, where he is shown in his last days, meeting with Tony Blair, has a conversation with him and in the end they both kill themselves. Phil Cornwell
42 Ways To Kill Hitler Hitler A re-enactment Hitler for a National Geographic documentary about various assassination attempts on Hitler. Arlo Hemphill
Madame Tussauds Hitlers The Hitlers from the Madame Tussauds Wax Museums:
  • The London one: Sits near Saddam, and holds his right fist up, like he wants to punch someone.
  • The Berlin one: this one sits in a desk with a hand on it, not unlike in the Hitler reviews scene. He was decapitated in July 2008 by a 41-year-old man, who claims he wanted to win a bet, although it's more likely that he was Fegelein himself. The statue was later repaired.
  • The Hong Kong one: dressed in his usual yellow costume, he looks more like a bodyguard.

They are arguably the most silent members of the Council.

Actorul şi sălbaticii [The Actor and the Savages] Hitler A theatre re-enactment by an imbecilic actor, who has a conflict with the Iron Guard (who are the "Savages") who are offended by his plays, that satirizes them and Hitler's actions. Nicknamed "Hilăr". Toma Caragiu
Re-enactment Hitlers These Hitlers are real-life re-enactments of Downfall's scenes by YouTubers, many of which are submissions to Vzorkic's Downfall Re-enactment Contest.
  • ArtieTSMITW's Re-enactment #56: Downfall (aka the "Hitler Bunker" scene) "Hitler"
    • Re-enactment of the Original Bunker Scene by a YouTube user, ArtieTSMITW, whose moustache flies off at one point during the rant. The scene was parodied by many Untergangers.
  • 'Jesse2282's Hitler '(via alternate YouTube account JamesHopeFilms)
    • This re-enactment of Hitler receiving Göring's telegram is also popular among Untergangers and includes all the characters in the scene as well (with another female re-enactor portraying Traudl Junge.)
  • Pellentior's Hitler
    • Another re-enactment from YouTuber Pellentior.
  • Syazwan's Hitler
    • A Singaporean Hitler re-enaction by YouTuber asyazzer (Syazwan).
  • killMe4Muffins' Hitler
    • This re-enactment is performed by a female YouTuber; her only known lines are "Bringen Sie mir Fegelein. FEGELEIN!!! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!!."
  • MsCoolguy101's Hitler
    • Another female YouTuber re-enactment, also with the same line as the first.
  • cupcu's Hitler
    • He accidentally said "Oh shit!" in his re-enactment.
  • HeilFegelein's Hitler
  • ArtieTSMITW
  • asyazzer
  • Cupcu
  • HeilFegelein
  • James Hope
  • killMe4Muffins
  • MsCoolguy101
  • Pellentior
Bloodrayne: The Third Reich Hitler A vampire Hitler that appears in one of Bloodrayne's dreams and bites her. Boris Bakal
Inglourious Basterds: Done in 60 seconds Hitler A re-enactment Hitler for the 2010 Netherlands "Done in Sixty Seconds" Competition, where he is shown for a short period in the theatre. Emile Jansen
A. Hitler Hitler A Hitler from a 2010 short movie that looks in the dome of his Reich city along with his Goebbels. Norman Rodway
Village People 2 - Auf der Suche nach dem Nazigold Hitler Another black-and-white Hitler that is in his office with his Eva and goes doggy. Tilo Prückner
Hotel Lux Hitler A re-enactment Hitler played by a Jewish actor who drinks with a fake Stalin in a Berlin cabaret. Jürgen Vogel
The Hitler Gang Hitler Yet another black-and-white Hitler, from 1944. The film shows the rise of Adolf Hitler from a small radical political adventurer to the dictator of Germany in the way of a gangster film. Bobby Watson
Dragon Age Hitler A re-enactment of Hitler's Original Ranting scene in the game Dragon Age, made by YouTuber Stonos22 as part of Vzorkic's Downfall Re-enactment Contest.
Speer Und Er Hitler A Hitler from the point of view of his Albert Speer. Tobias Moretti
Epic Rap Battles of History Hitler
  • Part of the "Epic Rap Battles of History" series by YouTuber nicepeter.
  • Attempted thrice to perform against Darth Vader. He failed the first time and almost succeeded the second only for Stephen Hawking to throw him into a rancor pit. The third time he did it, under pressure from Abraham Lincoln, he was killed by Darth Vader's lightsaber.
  • Little known fact: also dope on the mic.
Lloyd Ahlquist
The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission Hitler A Nazi general plans to assassinate this Hitler, but Major Reisman's Dozen stop him. Michael Sheard
Ricky Gervais's Hitler The British comedian and actor Ricky Gervais posted on his Twitter a photo in which he appears as Hitler, with Churchill (portrayed by him as well) behind him and giving him the bunny ears prank (a parody of Churchill's famous V sign). Ricky Gervais
Answer Phone Hitler A Hitler who tries to record his answer phone message and constantly gets it wrong, e.g. "Hello! You've called a message, please leave an Adolf.”
Moloch Hitler Nicknamed "Adi" by his Eva, he spends most of the film's time at Berghof. Leonid Mozgovoy
Hitler (1962) Hitler A Hitler with fake accent, spending a lot of time with his fake accent Eva. Richard Basehart
Captain America: The First Avenger Hitler A Hitler that sneaks behind Captain America, and gets owned by him. James Payron
Oglinda (The Mirror) Hitler A Hitler that talks to Ion Antonescu in German.
Sniper Elite Hitler Appeared in the Assassinate The Führer, Hunt the Grey Wolf and Target Führer DLCs of Sniper Elite V2, Sniper Elite III and Sniper Elite 4, who was pwned by the player character.
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Hitler A Charlie Chaplin-like Hitler, also known as "The Dictator", who was resurrected from Hell along with his army. After seeing Goten and Trunks turned into Super Saiyans, he mumbled "Blonde hair! Blue eyes! Super strength! I should be recruiting them!" (even though the Super Saiyans have green eyes) as he thought they were Arians. The duo defeated him and his army.
Justice League Hitler

Appeared in the episode "The Savage Time". He is overthrown and cryogenically frozen by Vandal Savage, who wants to win the war. After Savage is defeated by the Justice League, Hitler is thawed and reinstated as Germany's dictator.

Arguably the coldest member of the Council.

Banana Split Hitler

A camp-voiced Hitler speaking in faux German. Appeared in several episodes of the Filipino sketch comedy programme Banana Split.

Jason Gainza
Garry's Mod Hitler

There are three Garry's Mod Hitlers, a Downfall Hitler, a Sniper Elite Hitler, and one sporting Hitler's actual outfit. There's also an edit of Breen to resemble Hitler, but he is not an actual Hitler. Sometimes they are implied to be the Downfall Hitler who are somehow inside gmod(most likely due to a Fegelein antic) and complain about his and/or Günsche's ragdoll(s), while in a few other cases, it's actually the Downfall Hitler playing gmod, usually unseen due to being in first person mode.

Is Paris Burning? Hitler

A Hitler that asks this question to his Jodl.

Billy Frick
Fahrschule [Driving school] Hitler

Created by the German YouTube user minibekker, it shows a Hitler "teaching" 'minBekker to drive.

Sprengmeister Karl aka SMK
M.U.G.E.N. Omega Adolf Hitler

A "cheap character" from the fighting game maker M.U.G.E.N.

Daffy - The commando Hitler Appears at the end of Daffy - The commando, giving a speech.
Seein' red, white n' blue Hitler Black & white Hitler that appears at the end of the banned wartime Popeye cartoon Seein' red, white n' blue giving a speech with his animated Göring.
El Chapulín Colorado Hitler This Hitler speaks an fictitious language similar to German (Like the one used by Adenoid Hynkel on his speeches) and Spanish with a German accent. This Hitler appears on episode El encuentro del siglo. Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Aka: Chespirito
Blitz Wolf Hitler A 'Hitler Wolf' who wants to invade Pigmania on a wartime cartoon based on the fairytale of the three little pigs and the wolf
Private SNAFU Hitler This Hitler can be seen on Spies, black & white animation by the department of war of the U.S. Mel Blanc
Russian Rhapsody Hitler Animated Hitler who tries to bomb Moscow but is stopped by gremlins from the kremlin in a wartime merrie melodies banned cartoon. Mel Blanc
Kitler A cat that looks like Hitler. Various cats
The Winds of War Hitler Appears in The Winds of War miniseries, that is a prequel to War and Remembrance. Günter Meisner
The Ducktators Hitler A duck wich uses the swastika, gives speeches and has a little moustache, from a banned wartime cartoon.
The Cleveland Show Hitler A Hitler who's supposed to be the main character in its fictional German version, Das Cleveland Showzen. Mike Henry
Max Hitler A Hitler that befriends a Jew who sees his painting potential, from the 2002 British-Hungarian-Canadian film Max.

Noah Taylor

"Metal Slug Hitler" Not really a member of the council but has to be mentioned here. He's that guy every Hitler wants to be, but he keeps on getting kicked in his ass by Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, etc. No wonder, 'cause he's the series's FINAL BOSS! Donald Morden
Cracked Hitler A Hitler from a sketch who manages to convince two time travellers who have come back in time, not to kill him (despite the fact that he was about to kill himself), and instead to escape alongside him. Michael Swaim
Whitest Kids U' Know Hitler A Hitler appearing on this comedy show, who raps epically in an American accent. Trevor Moore
Minecraft Hitler A Hitler in a Minecraft figure form. Usually likes to grief on servers and troll little kids.
Disney Hitler Appeared in the Disney cartoons Education for Death and Der Fuehrer's Face.
Smosh Hitler Appeared in one of Timmy the Time Travailing Troll's Vines. Ian Hecox
PewDiePie Hitler Appeared in 3 videos, including ARE YOU A TRUE FAN?, GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL?, and TIME FOR REVENGE!.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Kung Fury Hitler (Kung Führer) Hitler from the 2015 satirical short film Kung Fury. He mastered Kung Fu such that he changed his name to Kung Führer. To beat the prophecy of Kung Fury he traveled to Kung Fury's time (1985) to kill him and claim the throne, only for Kung Fury to travel to Nazi Germany to kill him instead.

So far the Kung Führer has appeared in The Kung Führer phones Hitler

Jorma Taccone
White Tiger Hitler Appeared in the end of the movie, where he defends his actions and at the same time correctly predicts how history will remember him and contemplates on the nature of war. Karl Kranzkowski
Look Who's Back Hitler Travelling in time to the year of 2011, wakes up and finds out that he was in the modern Germany. At first people think he is either a comedian, or a method actor. He eventually uses his popularity to go back to politics. Oliver Masucci
Crossroads of History Hitler Applied to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with big dreams of becoming a painter. Unfortunately, he was rejected... Twice. Josh Fadem
Switch Reloaded/Obersalzberg Hitler Runs a Schnitzel restaurant in Argentina after he lost the war and places an advertisement into the newspaper, but there's a wanted poster of him on the front page.

He then sells Hitler mustaches to all his customers, so noone can identify the real Hitler. There are also other episodes of Switch Reloaded, where Hitler works as the Führer in an office. Switch Hitler appears in Superdumpfback's Switch Hitler plans to assassinate Downfall Hitler and in his Hitler plans to defeat all other Hitlers parody.

Michael Kessler
Danger 5 Hitler 60's Version of Hitler. Always on the run from spies trying to thwart his evil plans. Carmine Russo (voiced by Andreas Sobik)
The Man in the High Castle Hitler A Hitler that won World War II. Wolf Muser
Bionic Commando Hitler (Master D/The Leader) The main antagonist and final boss in the NES game Bionic Commando (Hitler's Revival: Top Secret in Japan). He was once a leader of an extremist group known as "The Badds", he was resurrected by Generalissimo Killt (General Weizmann in Japan) to finish the Project known as "The Albatross". However he was killed by Nathan "Rad" Spencer with a bazooka causing his head explodes in one of the most infamous gory scenes in the NES era.

Trivia: In the English version, Hitler's name was changed to Master-D and all references to the Nazis (referring to them as the "Badds" in the script) were removed. Despite this, Master-D's resemblance to Hitler was left unaltered. In Bionic Commando Rearmed, he is referred to as "The Leader".

Planet Dolan Hitler A Hitler with abs who masturbates. DoopieDoOver
Double Hitler Hitler A QWOP like game where two kids pretending to be Hitler. Shnicklgruber brothers
The Death of Adolf Hitler Hitler An incredibly crazy English-speaking Hitler that yells and screams very loudly for most of the time. Made his Göring cry by calling him an incompetent pig and even terrified his Fegelein by repeatedly yelling "blood" at him. Also, unlike the other Hitlers, he is called "leader" instead of "Führer". Frank Finlay
Der letzte Akt Hitler Yet another black-and-white Hitler, credited for being the first post-WWII German film about his death, predating Downfall by 49 years. Confusingly enough, the English title for his film is The Last Ten Days. Albin Skoda
Blubberella Hitler A Hitler who rants while thrashing around newspapers. He also points at maps and plays Risk. Uwe Boll
Drunk History Hitler A Hitler who was so sure that Max Schmeling would loose to Joe Louis in their first fight that he didn't want their fight advertised in Germany, but was so convinced that Schmeling would win the second fight and wanted it advertised everywhere, but when it became obvious that Schmeling would loose he had it pulled from German radio. "Weird Al" Yankovic
Sensacje XX wieku Hitler A Polish-speaking Hitler, appearing only in reenacting cutscenes for documentary TV show. Jan Peszek
Jojo Rabbit Hitler An idiotic imaginary friend Hitler who's aiding Jojo. Taika Waititi
Mein Waifu is the Fuhrer Hitler A Hitler who was turned into an anime girl. Currently in a romantic relationship with her Erwin Rommel.
Atun-Shei Films Hitler A Hitler who tried to help a fellow Nazi take over a man's appartment. Andrew Rakich
The Mechanic Shark Channel Hitler A Hitler who killed a bear named Wojtek's family and was later killed by the bear himself. Mechanic Shark


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