Constanze Manziarly
Constanze with a cigarette.


14 April 1920


2 May 1945 (aged 25)



Known for

Cooking for Hitler
Hanging with Traudl and Gerda

Played by

Bettina Redlich

“Did you see Himmler's gay salute to Dolfy?”
―Constanze to Traudl, when Hitler asks Himmler to kill Fegelein
Constanze Manziarly (14.04.1920 - disappeared 2.05.1945) was Adolf Hitler's personal dietitian and cook.

Manziarly was born in Innsbruck, Austria. She began working for Hitler from his 1943 stays at the Berghof until his final days in Berlin in 1945. She resided in the Führerbunker during its last days where she used the kitchen to prepare Hitler's meals while he stayed there.

Together with Gerda Christian and Traudl Junge, Manziarly was personally requested to leave the bunker complex by Hitler on 22 April. However, all three women decided to stay with Hitler until his death.

Manziarly left the bunker complex on 1 May. Her group was led by SS-Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke, and awkwardly made its way north to a German army hold-out at the Schultheiss-Patzenhofer brewery on the Prinzenallee. The group included Dr. Ernst-Günther Schenck and the female secretaries, Gerda Christian, Else Krüger, and Traudl Junge.

Despite claims that she took a cyanide capsule to kill herself on 2 May (as suggested in the film, where she's last seen with a cyanide capsule in her hand), the day after the majority of Führerbunker staff abandoned the stronghold to avoid impending Soviet capture, Junge recounts Manziarly leaving with her group, "dressed too much like a soldier". She disappeared after going down a tunnel with two Soviet soldiers.


In the parodies she is generally regarded as typically clueless and mediocre. She can be seen in the "Himmler Scene" (when Hitler meets Himmler) whispering to Traudl Junge amusing remarks.

In Göring Jokes - 'Bungee-jump', she seems to compete with the Bunker Jokes series.

She has rarely ever interacts with other characters, save eating a meal with Hitler and fellow assistants (shown in the picture) and (thanks to Sony Vegas) talking to Gaddafi's son Khamis in a Benad361 parody, when he dressed up as Traudl (but forgot the mask) in an attempt to go into hiding.

She also has a minor role in parodies that use the Traudl, Gerda and Constanze talk in bed scene.

Her counterpart in the Mirror Parody Universe, Ylraiznam Eznatsnoc, is much smarter than Constanze.


  • Constanze was born in the same city as her actress, Bettina Redlich.
  • She speaks with a distinct Austrian accent in the original of Downfall.


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