The "Christmas Contest", announced in November 2013, was the second contest organised by JennieParker87. Submissions were closed on 19 December 2013 and the results was announced on 26 December 2013.


The idea was to make pictures with Christmas theme, using characters from Downfall, and/or its actors. The contestant could take snapshots of the movie for example, and/or find pictures on Google. The pictures were manipulated in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, where things like clothes, new backgrounds, decorations etc. were added. The pictures were to be presented in a video, preferably with a Christmas song playing, and uploaded as unlisted. The link to the video was sent to JennieParker87 in a PM. She made it clear in the announcement video that if somebody is unable to do this, they should contact her to find a solution. The entry could be made official on the contestant's own channel three days after the result video had been uploaded.

The contest closed on the 19th of December 2013 (the deadline was extended), and the result video was released on the 25th of December.


  1. Max 10 pictures.
  2. Any editing program is allowed: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, or even a video editing program (to create pictures with).
  3. References to the Holocaust, or potentially-offensive jokes (i.e. those targeting Jews or any other religious group, as well those alluding to events like 9/11) are not allowed.
  4. All other media, such as text, music or video, can make the entry more entertaining but it is the pictures themselves that will be judged.
  5. All entries must be submitted before the 18th of December, 2013.
  6. Any character from the Downfall movie can be used; either the actor playing the character, or the character itself.
  7. The entries will be judged based on creativity and "Christmas spirit".
  8. The final entry video must be shorter than 1.5 minutes.
  9. The top ten entries will be decided by neutral judges outside the Downfall Parody Universe.
  10. The result video will obviously contain less than ten entries if not enough entries are received.

Winner selection

The judges were:
Jimmy L
Karnik Badvaganyan

The entries were judged based on creativity and "Christmas spirit".

A result video was posted on Christmas Day. It was revealed that TheSilverUniverse and Ninetales95NL were among the judges for this contest, the others being from outside the meme.

Top Nine Entries

Place Name Entry
1 Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler Christmas Pictures
2 DictatorAntics Unavailable
3 MabusParodies Christmas in the Downfall Universe
4 JennieParker87 Christmas Contest entry
5 Kumichi58 Christmas Pics
6 HoneyBadger1914 Unavailable
7 Gokyr586 Entry for JennieParker87's Christmas Contest
8 AKO675 Unavailable
9 SantaofLaughs SantaofLaughs: Christmas Cards

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