ChileanAntics was a Chilean Unterganger who joined to Youtube on 24 October 2010. He officialy retired on 30 May 2011 and released his last parody on 4 June 2011. Now, his channel no longer exists.



ChileanAntics really started in May 2010 with his spanish-speaking parody channel Chilefan97, oriented for Chilean and Spanish-speaking viewers. Due to lack of suscribers, he asked Vzorkic for promotion. The Serbian Unterganger suggested him to enter to the English-speaking parody world.


ChileanAntics created his account on 24 October 2010. His first parody was Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler: Chile, uploaded the same day. He recieved a warm welcome by many untergangers, like Vzorkic,MoarHitlerParodies, TheXenomorph1 and Edudn.


The parodies started to gain views and comments. ChileanAntics first well-known parody was Hitler takes a shower, uploaded on 1 November.

On November 14, the great day came: ChileanAntics asked Vzorkic for promotion. He hapily agreed and on 18 November, Vzorkic uploaded Another Prromotion, where Hitler and Speer talk about ChileanAntics parodies. At that time, he had only 25 suscribers. With the promotion, the suscribers increased to more than 100. Nothing of that would have been possible without Vzorkic's aid. By that time, ChileanAntics was a respected member of the Unterganger community.

On December 20, he was declared by fellow unterganger Benad361 as the Unterganger of the Month of December 2010.

Retirement and Suicide

ChileanAntics retired on 30 May 2011, arguing parodies were no longer interesting for him, and released his last parody 4 days later. On 13 January 2012 he permanently closed his channel, ending more than a year of simple, but enjoyable parodies.



ChileanAntics's parodies were known for being simple, and for being made using Windows Movie Maker. No big effects, no Sony Vegas, etc. He has defined his style of parody as similar to Kevinjanssen21 ones.


As shown in the previous section, the parodies of ChileanAntics were simple. Their themes were related with his likes.

Some of ChileanAntics likes were: Football (Soccer, not US), Military Parades, Sonic the Hedgehog video games, airplanes, XXth Century related stuff and of course, Downfall parodies.

A special like of ChileanAntics was anything related with gunshots and explosions. It's not strange he made and liked parodies with that kind of attacks, especially when a mad Burgdorf appeared.


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