―Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao Zedong (Chinese:毛泽东主席; formerly known as Queen Serena Downfall Parodies) is a Singaporean Fifth-generation Unterganger who started making parodies on September 27th, 2017. He is best known for being an active roleplayer on the Hitler Rants Parodies Community Discord Chat and for making parodies about the server and its numerous factions.


Chairman Mao got to know Downfall parodies back in 2012 when he saw HRP's Parody about Obama's victory as soon as he saw that he became obsessed with downfall parodies and eventually joined the HRP Discord Chat on April 26, 2017 he has since become one of the most famous roleplayers in the server roleplaying in numerous areas such as HRP Kingdom Family MKII and has his own faction called the Communist Party of China on the server Chairman Mao has several Unterganger friends: Beom Jun Koo Tom of Vietnam ddOs Due to his enormous real-life issues with School Discord and Family he has toned down his uploads of parodies Additionally, after the QHP crisis and from some advice from some Untergangers he may also be considering retirement from Downfall parodies due to his interest in other types of videos.


He used to make parodies using YT captions, which many considered not parodies at all due to the fact that YT captions aren't actually part of the video itself. He later switched to an editing software which has a big watermark for the free/trial version that takes up the entire screen. Because of both of these things, he is sometimes mocked about it After that, he finally changed to using WMM and while his parodies are generally not that good he has very good ideas for his parodies. But he has also become a target for harassment by banned HRP Discord members using his video's comments section to mock Jeejeesh (HRP's girlfriend) on 2 occasions therefore in future videos except for Q&As the comments section will be disabled.

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