Celeon999A is a German YouTube user who was possibly the first Unterganger to create a Downfall Parody Series.

He joined YouTube on 30 March 2007. He began uploading videos about military vehicles and WW2 Newsreels. After he watched Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live, he decided to make to make himself an Xbox Hitler parody. On 9 September 2007 he uploaded the Hitler's Xbox : The Saga continues Chapter 1, the first in a series of 4 chapters.

Afterwards, he no longer made Downfall parodies until 2 May 2011 when he uploaded Hitler reacts to Bin Laden's death.


He hasn't made any other Downfall videos and it's unlikely he'll ever make another parody series. As seen with his last parody, he might still make, on rare occasions, parodies.

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