Ceausescu rants 1984 speech

Ceausescu flails his arm about madly in the speech, a typical gesture.

The Ceausescu Rants Scene is a commonly used scene in Ceausescu Parodies which shows Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu ranting.

The scene is from one of Ceausescu's many passionate speeches, this one being from 1984.

He starts off talking slightly calmly, holding a piece of paper in his hand (which he does not look at). After some seconds he beginds to rant haltingly in several short sentences, flailing his free arm about all over the place as his sentences get longer and less jerky, and his voice gets louder.

It goes on like this for the rest of the scene, unil he makes one swiping gesture in the air towards the audience (whom he has been looking at throughout) and dramatically says the last word of his sentence as he does so.


His bizarre haircut is one of the notable features of this speech, which has not gone unnoticed by Western and Romanian viewers alike.


The speech on YouTube

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