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The logo for the parodies (taken from the parody outro).

Ceaușescu parodies are parodies that portray (former) Romanian eastern bloc dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu ranting (or attempting to rant) in hilarious and absurd situations, in a similar style to the Downfall, Stalin and Gaddafi Parodies. Actual footage of his wife and him is used.

They were debuted by unterganger Benad361 on the 2nd October 2011, with the parody: Nicolae Ceaușescu tries to make a parody.

The parody Nicolae Ceausescu's Rapidly Flailing Arm of Doom depicts him as being able to use his arm to harm people (or cause them to fail) or to destoy huge structures such as a Sontaran battleship. It seems of similar power to other weapons used in the Parody Universe.

He appears regularly as a featuring character in Benad361's parodies. He also started to appear on one of Equiduo's parodies. It wasn't confirmed if Ceausescu Parodies may go on at the moment.

You may find less real footage of his speeches, such as Ceausescu's last speech, a speech regarding the revolution at Timisoara back in December 1989 and his execution along with his wife. There is not that much footage on YouTube, unless it's trimmed from a documentary regarding Romania's history. These documentaries were made by a public institution of TV named TVR (Televiziunea Romana). Some of the clips were dubbed, some of them were with English subtitles. It's a bit challenging as a matter of fact when you try and make a Ceausescu Parody.


  • Nicolae Ceaușescu, president of Romania.
  • Elena Ceaușescu (his wife).
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