All the scenes in Downfall used for making Hitler Parodies.

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List of commonly used scenes by chronological order
  1. Prologue
  2. Hitler's Secretarial Interview
  3. Battle Scenes (first part - bombing)
  4. Traudl, Gerda and Constanze wake up to artillery fire
  5. Hitler Phone Scene
  6. Eva and Traudl discuss in the kitchen [ext]
  7. Fegelein and Himmler at Hitler's birthday
  8. Schenck and the burning of documents
  9. Himmler greets Hitler (aka Hitler Wants Himmler Scene)
  10. Himmler and Fegelein at the garage (garage)
  11. Hitler walks around the model of Berlin (Germania)
  12. Hitler Youth Artillery Scene
  13. Hitler Planning Scene [diff]
  14. Hitler's Generals Discussing Scene
  15. Hitler congratulates the Hitler Youth
  16. Traudl, Gerda and Constanze talk in bed
  17. Schenck and Müller around a bonfire
  18. Party Scene (beginning)
  19. Hitler and Speer chat on the couch
  20. Party Scene
  21. Battle Scenes (second part - Weidling)
  22. Mohnke calls Schenck
  23. Weidling goes to the Bunker
  24. Schenck in the Hospital
  25. Wilhelm and Dorothee Kranz arguing [ext] [noDl]
  26. Singing Burgdorf Scene [diff]
  27. Peter Kranz's street battle
  28. Fegelein talking to Traudl and Gerda
  29. Original Bunker Scene
  30. After the Original Bunker Scene
  31. Fegelein and Friends
  32. Traudl and Gerda talking in bed
  33. Eva walks Blondi
  34. Hitler Laughing Scene (aka Hitler's Trollface) [ext]
  35. Battle Scenes (third part - Mohnke)
  36. Schenck and Müller in a truck
  37. Schenck enters the shelter [ext]
  38. Mohnke talks to Goebbels
  39. Eva talking on the phone with Fegelein
  40. Magda Goebbels and the Goebbels children arrival [noDl]
  41. The Goebbels children sing to Hitler
  42. Schenck and Haase operating [ext]
  43. Hitler instructs how to commit suicide
  44. Eva and Magda write their letters
  45. Hitler stares at his favourite painting
  46. Peter Kranz in the bomb shelter [ext] [noDl]
  47. Battle Scenes (fourth part - Peter Kranz)
  48. Hitler talks about the Battle of Berlin (aka Bunker Scene 2) [ext]
  49. Peter Kranz hides in the artillery crater [noDl]
  50. Keitel, Krebs and others talk [ext]
  51. Hitler talks to Keitel
  52. Battle Scenes (fifth part - well)
  53. Bormann informs Hitler
  54. Speer and Traudl talk
  55. Peter Kranz in the fog [noDl]
  56. Magda, Eva and Bormann talk to Speer
  57. Speer's last conversation with Hitler
  58. Peter returns home [ext] [noDl]
  59. Traudl and the singing Goebbels children [ext] [noDl]
  60. Hitler meets Greim and Reitsch
  61. Hitler Eating Scene
  62. Hitler Explains Scene
  63. Traudl and Eva discuss Fegelein's flee [ext] [noDl]
  64. Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche (Reviews / Informed / Pros and Cons)
  65. Grawitz family's suicide
  66. Högl enters the brothel [noDl]
  67. Fegelein's Arrest Scene
  68. Eva wants Hitler to spare Fegelein
  69. Weidling and Mohnke inform Hitler (Bunker Scene 3, pt1)
  70. Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry (Bunker Scene 3, pt2)
  71. Fegelein Execution Scene
  72. Traudl is late to Hitler's dictation [diff] [noDl]
  73. Hitler will scene
  74. Hitler wedding scene [diff]
  75. Goebbels crying scene
  76. Mohnke caught in the artillery fire [noDl]
  77. Mohnke talks to Hitler
  78. Hitler and his generals receive telegram from Keitel (Bunker Scene 4, pt1)
  79. Hitler instructs Günsche (Bunker Scene 4, pt2)
  80. Haase, Flegel and Schenck meet Hitler
  81. The doctors and the drunken people / Bunker Jokes
  82. Soldiers deliver gasoline to the bunker
  83. Blondi is killed
  84. Traudl's last chat with Eva [noDl]
  85. Hitler's last supper
  86. Traudl and Gerda smoke in the generator room [ext] [noDl]
  87. Hitler's Farewell Scene
  88. Magda begs Hitler
  89. Hitler Suicide Scene
  90. Krebs and others walk through the streets of Berlin [noDl]
  91. Krebs meets General Chuikov [diff]
  92. Goebbels Rants Scene
  93. Magda drugs her children
  94. Joseph Goebbels gives a last testament
  95. Goebbels Children Murder Scene
  96. Weidling announces Berlin's surrender [diff]
  97. Krebs and Burgdorf's suicide
  98. Joseph and Magda suicide
  99. Mohnke convinces Schenck to evacuate [ext]
  100. Berlin's breakthrough [diff]
  101. Soviet women in the Bunker
  102. German soldiers gathered in a plaza
  103. Günsche scouts the Soviets [noDl]
  104. Traudl and Peter walk past the Soviets [noDl]
  105. Schenck's conversation with Stehr and Hewel [diff]
  106. Traudl and Peter leave Berlin
  107. Fates of surviving characters scene
  108. Epilogue

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