CanaDolfy98 (formerly known as nhlfan40) was a Canadian third-generation Unterganger.


As nhlfan40

NHLfan40 made his first parody on April 4, 2014. He was inspired by a Hitler parody shown in history class. It was after he made his first parody was then he realized Unterganging was still a thing, and decided to make more parodies.

In July 2014, he stumbled upon forum, and decided to share his parodies through the website. He also stumbled upon the Untergangers Chat, which he visited regularly. He also participated in JennieParker87's "Hitler's Summer Memories Contest". He would later participate in other parody contests.

He briefly retired in November 2014, citing stress from incidents and controversies the previous month. However, he returned in the next month, as he never actually wanted to retire.

One of his most popular parodies was "Fegel Off", a parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", where the original upload gained over 40,000 views.

On April 2, 2015, NHLfan40 announced that he was going to change his name to CanaDolfy98 on the first anniversary of his Unterganging career, with mixed reactions.

As CanaDolfy98

He was named Unterganger of the Month in May 2015, and his parody, Inside Out: Führer Edition won June 2015's Parody of the Month.

In mid-July, he was given administrator privileges on the Hitler Parody Wiki, making him the first Unterganger not from the first two generations given this privilege.

He announced his retirement on February 2, 2016. He cites a lack of motivation, and a lack of trust in the the community after the controversies in the Unterganger of the Year vote as his reasons for retirement.

On April 26th, 2016, he closed his account. Many of his parodies were saved and uploaded on different channels and mediums.

In December 2016, he started a new account simply named CD98, and uploaded the few parodies he saved on a backup mediafire folder, and a couple of new ones. During this time, he briefly rejoined the community, only to get himself banned from it on purpose to cut ties from it.

On June 14, 2017, he closed down his channel again after venting his frustrations over both HRP and the community (which he feels is full of harsh people) in a Downfall parody chatroom. He later expressed these frustrations in a pastebin (under the pseudonym PergolaParodies) in the comments of this wiki page.

Notable Parodies

Note that all of these are reuploads on the Unterganger Central channel.

Notable Parody Reason for Notability
[DPMV] Adolf Hitler - Fegel Off (Parody of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off") Was the most viewed parody on his channel prior to deletion
Inside Out: Führer Edition "Most Innovative Parody" in the Unterganger Awards June 2015;

June 2015's Parody of the Month

A new Hitler sends an email to Downfall Hitler! Second ever Er Ist Wieder Da parody (beaten by Subtitlecomedy)
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