BurgdorfVEVO is a collaboration channel maintained by mfaizsyahmi and 0REDMONKEYSTUDIOS0. The parodies involve that of Wilhelm Burgdorf performing various songs, such as a spoof of Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie entitled Love The Way You Rant, among others. These are part of the Singing Burgdorf submeme.

The channel's name is a play on YouTube and VEVO's naming convention, wherein an artist, like Eminem for example, would have a VEVO page named after him/her, i.e. EminemVEVO. Such parody channels have also been seen outside the Unterganging scene, one of them being a channel dedicated to Nigel Thornberry remixes entitled NigelThornberryVEVO.

The idea was originally proposed by mfaizsyahmi to Robert Tolhurst in his YouTube channel, after he made a series of Burgdorf singing parodies, but was declined. 0REDMONKEYSTUDIOS0 then picked up the proposal and after a quick discussion in the forum created the YouTube channel. He subsequently invited mfaizsyahmi on board the project.

One of the objectives of the VEVO was to collect Downfall parodies musical videos in one place, so Untergangers are encouraged to enlist musical parodies to be put into BurgdorfVEVO's playlists. mfaizsyahmi would also consider taking requests.

A few untergangers such as WonkyTonkBotty, Woolio22 and subtitlecomedy have agreed to have some of their musical parodies be mirrored and featured in BurgdorfVEVO. Around March 2013 mfaizsyahmi invited subtitlecomedy into the group that manages BurgdorfVEVO.


Some of the titles by Burgdorf (in no particular order):

Greatest In The Reich (confirmed)
  • by: kingtom
Blitzkrieg Justin Bieber! (confirmed)
The Great Bruno Ganz - Bunker Musical 2 (confirmed)
  • by: Robert Tolhurst
Vodka Energy - Bunker Musical 2 (confirmed)
  • by: Robert Tolhurst
In The Bunker ft. Dolfy (confirmed)
FEGEL-ENERGY (confirmed)
Burgdorf Loves Vodka (confirmed)
Burgdorf and Kids Like Vodka (confirmed)
A Song for Lauren Francesca (approval pending)
Wilhelm Rae Burgdorf - Vodka, Maybe (confirmed)
  • by: subtitlecomedy

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