“One man's villain is my inspiration”

Buddyrichiedonmoochie, also called Adam Walker, is a retired British spoof maker and Unterganger based in Cumbria, England. He is known for "Untermation" story lines crossing Downfall parodies with animation. However he suffers from Unterganger's Block and Idea Prevention Syndrome (having an idea but not being able to put it down). He is also known for The Unterganger National Anthem.

His channel no longer has any content.

Parody style

Unlike most Untergangers whose parodies contain profanity and reducing other characters to idiots, Adam's parody style was more sophisticated and serious. So far only one of his parodies contains music. Whilst many parodies show Hitler having a rivalry with Fegelein, there is a parody where Hitler thinks Fegelein may be useful to identify the breed of a prisoner he gained from Inglourious Hitler, who most Untergangers depict them both as having a fierce rivalry. Adam depicts them as maybe being useful to Hitler. 

Hitler learns of a certain user on deviantART (guess who)

Hitler learns of a certain user on deviantART (guess who)

An example of one of his parodies

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