Bucharest House

View of Bucharest, with The Palace of the Parliament, largest civillian building in Europe.

Bucharest or București in Romanian, is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the southeast of the country and lies on the banks of the Dâmbovița River.

Although many buildings and districts in the historic centre were damaged or destroyed by war, earthquakes, and Nicolae Ceaușescu's program of systematization, many survived.

In Downfall

Bucharest is seen on a map, at the beginning of the scene where Hitler speaks to Keitel, where Hitler is seen looking at a map of Romania with a magnifying glass. He orders Keitel to find Admiral Dönitz and plan an offensive to recover the Romanian oilfields.

After Keitel leaves, Hitler takes the magnifying glass and looks at the map again.

In Downfall Parodies

In Godfrey Raphael's Hitler can't find Bucharest, it's shown that Ceaușescu used the Suicidal Hand-Wave of Carnage to destroy the city, and because of that Hitler couldn't find the city. In SmelloftheIce's Hitler learns Romanian (repeatedly blocked) Hitler plans to go to Bucharest, but Fegelein buys up the Reichsflug, travels instead of him and sends Hitler a letter in which he informs him about Romanian women's beauties, much to Hitler's dismay.

The city is the main setting of Ceaușescu Parodies.

TheDownfallWars is from Bucharest.


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