“I was in United States, I wasn't from Hong Kong, just for fun.”
Brian Chiem revealing that he is actually not a Hongkonger
Brian Chiem is an American Unterganger. He started his channel in October 2012 and has created several parodies since. His first Hitler video was "Hitler is informed about Brian Chiem".


He retired on the 29th of January 2013, suiciding his channel and requesting that MisterTalkingMachine tell Mfaizsyahmi to blank his information. However, Benad361 has done the honours.

Since then, he is no longer making Hitler parodies. He lost interest to Hitler parodies. He also made Angry German Kid parodies on his BrianAGKChiemTV channel.


  • There is some characters in his AGK Series, especially the main antagonist, Tom Chang, who always tries to kill Leopold Slikk , like what Dolfy does. Tom's father, Jonathan Lee, who trolls people and sometimes murders them. His mother, Shareefa Daanish, who kidnaps Leopold and tortures him.[1]
  • His video editing is poor, and he has a strong hatred towards Islam.[1]
  • He listens to outdated songs from Hong Kong and Taiwan.[1]


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