“The David Lynch of Downfall parodies.”

Bossimias was a First-generation Unterganger from Finland, notable for his pioneering of FX parodies using the professional video editing software, Sony Vegas. Most of his parodies occur in an absurd or random situation. This style of parody making always presents a series of unexpected events, which Bossimias addresses as "The Element of Surprise".

Bossimias coined the term "Der Unterganger", which stands for a Downfall Parody maker, on his comment on vzorkic's promotional video.[1] The shortened version, "Unterganger" has been widely popularized and recognized by the Downfall community.

He was voted into the Unterganger Hall of Fame for February 2013.


His last video uploaded was on 31 July 2011. His channel still had some activity up until 9 March 2012. Afterwards his channel no longer had any activity. On 22 August 2012 he showed some activity on his channel.

It has been three years since and he is implied to have silently retired.


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