The scene where Blondi is killed is a scene sometimes used in Downfall parodies despite its disturbing contents.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Schenck entering the bathroom, where he sees Blondi tied to a toilet. After Schenck leaves the bathroom, he sees Tornow in the other room opening Blondi's mouth as Haase crushes a cyanide capsule in her mouth. As Hitler turns his head away, the dog yelps for the last time and falls dead, off camera. Tornow carries the dog outside, while Hitler, deeply saddened, his hand shaking as usual, slowly leaves under the stunned looks of Haase and Schenck.

In The Parodies

This scene is rarely used due to its dark nature.

The scene with Blondi tied in the bathroom was used by HRP in Hitler is informed by Blondi. Many other parodies that feature Blondi also use this segment (e.g. Hitler's Bathroom Disaster).

Blondi's barking also comes from this scene.

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