Blondi is killed is a scene in Downfall that is sometimes used in parodies despite its disturbing content.

In Downfall

Stehr comes down to the lounge and salutes the group who are still hanging out from an earlier scene. Hans Krebs asks Stehr what he's doing here. Stehr responds that he has to report to the Fuhrer. Krebs brushes him off saying he can't and offers him to join them. Stehr sits next to Traudl Junge and is offered a drink by Fritz Tornow. Walther Hewel introduces him to Eva Braun by addressing her as Frau Hitler. Eva remarks that he must be proud of being young with many military decorations on his uniform.

Ernst-Günther Schenck leaves the lounge announcing he's not used to drinking anymore meaning he has to use the bathroom. Eva says that only one of the toilets is working. On his way, he sees Werner Haase talking to Hitler about how his suicide describing taking cyanide capsules and shooting himself in the head. Schenck enters the bathroom, where he sees Blondi tied to one of the toilets in one of the stalls. Blondi barks at him as he enters one of the stalls.

Back in the lounge, Hasse comes out as Otto Günsche gets up and tells Fritz to come with him. Everyone else in the lounge continues smoking and drinking. After Schenck leaves the bathroom, he sees Günsche opening Blondi's mouth as Hasse inserts the capsule into her mouth. Günsche closes her mouth forcing her to swallow. Hitler turns his head away as she whines.

After she dies, Günsche carries her away. Hitler walks off as Hasse follows him. Schneck stands in shock.

In the Parodies

This scene is rarely used due to its dark nature.

The part with Blondi tied in the bathroom was used by Hitler Rants Parodies in Hitler is informed by Blondi. Many other parodies that feature Blondi also use this segment (e.g. Hitler's Bathroom Disaster). Blondi's barking also comes from this scene.

The part where Schenck leaves the bathroom is used in Soalric Parker's Slender Man parody.


  • The theme of this scene shifts from dramatic to light, then back to dramatic, light again and finally to dramatic (Blondi's death).
  • According to eyewitness reports, Hitler ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test the cyanide capsules given to him by Himmler, on his dog, as he had doubts on their effect (after he found out that Heinrich Himmler betrayed him) and the dog died as a result. Hitler became completely inconsolable.


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