• Mfaizsyahmi

    Alright, I'm writing this to give my recommendation on what should be, or should not be in articles. Though most of the articles in this wiki are extensive, there are some improvements here and there that can be made: Adding some relevant sections, cutting down on others.

    1. Character Infobox (with obvious exception on Blondi :P )
    2. Some quotes (optional) - do not overdo it or add too many of it
    3. Background section (optional, would be nice to have one)
    4. In Downfall section
    5. In The Parodies/In Parody Universe section
    6. Comparison with other Antic Masters (Antic Masters only)
    7. List of appearances (Downfall characters only)
    8. Other portrayals (mostly a link to the character page in IMDB)
    9. Trivia (optional)
    10. Gallery
      1. Pictures from Downfall
      2. Pictures from other films, spoofs, …

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  • Soalric

    MORE Troubles

    July 13, 2012 by Soalric

    Smoglessbutton4 tipped me off this morning that someone took one of my videos without credit. Upon inspection, I found the channel has taken many video from several other Untergangers, especially hitlerrantsparodies. The channel is antonipeter . I recommend checking the link to see if he/she has taken one of your videos, and then taking whatever action you want. As for me, I'm simply going to ask for proper credit.

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  • Soalric

    Copyright Troubles

    July 11, 2012 by Soalric

    A Ugandan newspaper and a television studio from Pakistan have claimed copyright on my "Hitler Puts on an Art Show" video. As a result, it is banned from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Rather than go through a dispute process, I'll simply re-upload it. The resolution was bad anyway, and I was considering it for a while. But if any of you receive claims from "geotv" or "NewVision", speak up. We might have a big problem facing us.

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  • AnUnknownCharacter


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  • Amplify23

    The Wiki

    July 2, 2012 by Amplify23

    Hello, fellow editors and Untergangers!

    I just wanted to say how amazing this wiki has become! The fan art, the actual articles, the additional scenes from Downfall, and more! The work here is amazing!

    And, as for the parodies, they are really well done. From the meme's humble origins to now, I think we've taken great strides in Downfall Parodies. I think we can extend the meme; evolution is a process that will never end.

    Be proud! And thank you all!

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  • AT88TV:Reloaded


    July 1, 2012 by AT88TV:Reloaded

    Hey Untergangers.

    You may not not know about me, so I'm going to explain what I do real quick.

    I'm AT88TV. my real name is Aaron Turnbull, and I am an Unterganger from the Glasgow area of Scotland.

    I also do text-to-speech videos as well as other parodies, like AGK (Coming soon), PCParodies and famous advertisement parodies.

    Some of my best parodies are below. I know there are very few, but oh well.


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  • Soalric

    Video Commission

    June 26, 2012 by Soalric

    I have recently received a request for a video, so I'm going to focus on that for the next week or so until it's finished. The requester is 1992balto. Then I'll work on another parody I have on the backburner. It involves Burgdorf and Hitler's precious Blondi.

    As a plus, my classes will be over this Thursday. I'll have a short one day trip up to Vegas a week afterwards, and then two weeks of uninterrupted editing time! Stay tuned.

    And by the way, if anybody wants a certain mash-up made, just leave a comment. I'll get to work as soon as humanly possible-and then some...

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  • Soalric

    Just Sayin'

    June 23, 2012 by Soalric

    Some major developments since my last blog post:

    1. I've been taking classes at the community college, and my last day is this Thursday. After June 28, I should be able to start making LOTS of videos!
    2. I finally got the official Inception soundtrack! :D Anybody who's seen my trailer parodies knows I love Inception, and now the music is MINE! So...yeah, I'm happy about that...
    3. I recently struggled through a mild case of Unterganger's block, with several parodies half done but no ideas for finishers. I have overcome and conquered however, and a new video should be up sometime this weekend.
    4. I have partaken of the "Imported From Gotham City" video contest. The entry period ends in one week, so if you want to join, by all means hurry! If you don't ente…
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  • Matth361

    Introducing myself

    June 17, 2012 by Matth361

    Hello there. I'm Matth361, but i'm known on Youtube as Thunderbirds360TV. I'm another unterganger, as you can see, and i wanted to introduce myself here. I won't edit much here, but i'm really active on making parodies on Youtube. So, that's it. :P

    P.S: As you can see, i'm a brony. Nothing special.

    Matth361 is bored as always. 00:09, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Hello fellow editors!

    The reason for me to write this article is to basically encourage all contributors to help yourself, and each other, by adding references into articles. Because this is a wiki on Hitler Parodies, references naturally point to a parody on YouTube. Referencing is another way for you to get views! You get to put a link, to explain your parody and gain views!

    .]]So basically there are two types of references that I observe: in-universe (numbered references) and off-universe (external link) references. Most of references in this wiki is an off-universe one, where the phrases is put as "in [unterganger name]'s parody, [link to parody here], Gunsche is shown as..." In-universe references was once harder to implement (due to lac…

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  • Fikamar27

    I got this story from my friend at 2009. I translate plus shortening because there's some words can't be translated ;).

    ======STORY ======

    This is a great story with great tips for being a great personal at your girlfriend's family,, just read it till end and follow my advices.. I assure all your dream will be come true,,oke happy reading-cekidott..

    Clever in here not means you come to a girl and saying ’..Miss, do you know that 467 times 800 divided two equals 186800………ehem!! ‘ and hope the girl crying and say “ … oh you're soooo clever , behind your face which too much variable component, you've brilian ideas… hello, my name is Dinda ..I love you.. marry me please’’……………IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Being inteligent male, Your girl will proud to tell about y…

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  • Master Studios

    Seeing the wonderful success of this wikia, and such dedication from contributors and adminstrators alike, I look at my own wikia site and see its dismal state that it is in. Sure most of it is my fault, after all it is MY wikia site, and it should be my responsibility to keep it alive, however, I lack the technical skills needed to give the site the full attention and care it deserves. Apart from writing articles, I know nothing about wikia, however it would be nice if someone from here could assist me in this. True, right now, many of the pages are empty...I suppose it does take a village, and I'm a bit envious and prideful at the same time. Prideful that I am part of such a community as Untergangers to meticulously tend to this wikia …

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  • Soalric

    Summer Time!

    May 25, 2012 by Soalric

    My classes have finally ended, which means that I'll be able to focus on videos for the next few months. To celebrate, here's a new parody!

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Antics by Wikia!

    May 18, 2012 by Mfaizsyahmi

    As you may have noticed, Wikia has now put unsightly ads in the siderail to the right of the page. Of course, the admins won't be doing anything about it, as it is an exchange for us to use their site free of charge (I'm not saying it's not possible...)

    As always, I advocate the use of AdBlock Plus on your browsers. It removes ads from virtually everywhere: YouTube, Facebook, Wikia, you name it. I haven't seen an ad in months. In fact, I had them turned off to see how the new ads in this wiki looks like (it appears around yesterday, I think.) Also, those still using the Cretaceus Period Internet Exploder, where AdBlock Plus is unavailable, should be ashamed of yourself.

    On a side note, Ingluorious Basterds Wiki seems like it's been abandoned…

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  • Master Studios

    With the addition of badges on the wiki, I have found myself with a new drive...or obsession...I can't determine which, nonetheless, my contributions of late have been a bit lacking, however I am determined to become a Master of Antics by doing as much as I can to the wiki, hopefully not causing to much damage in the process! Beware my antics!

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  • Fikamar27

    Hello... Remember with my last two parody about "love"? Maybe some of you get confused about the formula. Hitler only mention in general. But in Indonesia, there are soooo many love words and a people who always using it called PHP (Pemberi Harapan Palsu). But hey, never using love word is not good too...

    So, I want to share some of love words formula.

    The most basic but not really easy. Remember, you must know him/her first before using this formula.

    The formula is like this --> You love to (mention the skill), right?

    Then he/she answer --> Yes, why?

    The next formula --> Because you're (mention an activity which relates with the skill) my (heart/soul/mind/etc...)

    The example may be like this :

    You love to shoot, right? | Yes, why? | Because you alwa…

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  • Андреана Проданова

    Well I'm on this mood now when i listen Bad Apple!! by nomico(who sang the bad apple song).So i had to make my own parody,Downfall style :D.Let's start it >D (Plus its too difficult to animate)

    Traudl Junge as Reimu Hakurei

    Erna Flegel as Marisa Kirisame

    Hans Krebs as Patchouli Knowlege

    Joseph Goebbles as Remilia Scarlet

    Otto Günsche as Sakuya Izayoi

    Hermann Fegelein as Flandre Scarlet

    'Hans von Witzland' as Youmu Konpaku(maybe)

    Eva Braun as Yuyuko Saigyoi

    Gerda Christian as Komachi Onozuka

    Wilhelm Burgdrof as Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

    Albert Speer as Fujiwara no Mokou

    Lt. Wernet as Keine

    Inge Dombrowski as Eirin Yagokoro

    Samantha Parkigton as Kaguya Houraisan

    Goebbles' the three daugters(Hildegard,Hedwig and Holdine) as the Prismriver Sisters(Lyrica,Merlin an…

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  • Michaeloc84

    Yo Yo.

    Here's a new Hitler parody based on Hitler's love of the old classic shoot 'em up Doom. He's not happy that Castle Wolfenstein is being compared to his old favourite game. Not happy at all.

    Let me know what you guys think.


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  • Soalric

    Update--Busy next month

    April 18, 2012 by Soalric

    I have to concentrate on my studies until the end of May, so I won't be able to post videos as often as I have in the past. I'm sorry to have to report this. I'll still stay on the wiki, but I just won't be able to release videos at the rate I have been.

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    New Antics

    April 14, 2012 by Mfaizsyahmi

    There have been many developments to the wiki in the past few months, as an effort to enhance viewer's experience and interactions to the wiki. I am glad to have played an influential part in this.

    Let us recap and summarize the developments done to the wiki, in case you have not noticed:

    With this enabled anyone can add a poll to any page! This has already been implemented in the form of a general poll to rate the wiki (see right) but the possibility doesn't end there! You can, for example, add polls to your unterganger page and gather ratings on your parodies.

    The featured content system has been implemented in many wikis, and it's finally time to have our own! The aim of this is to highlight interesting articles, funny images, and famous v…

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  • Smoglessbutton4

    Hi everyone! I'm on the Hitler parody wiki now! :)

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  • Soalric

    The Bunker Games

    April 11, 2012 by Soalric

    As requested by Mfaizsyahmi.

    I've got another Downfall parody in the works, so stay tuned!

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  • Soalric

    First of all, I should say something about this being my first blog post. nothing. Yay for first post? :/

    What I want to say is that I'm going to try evening out my YouTube posts between Downfall parodies and movie mashups. If anybody would like some movies mashed up, please just say so and I'll work on that. In the meantime, I'm going to work on a few parodies that I've been keeping on the backburner. Stop by soon!

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    The way I see it, most of the major Untergangers do not participate heavily in adding their content lately. The problem with this is that it creates imbalance in the POV's. The one who frequently contribute here are mostly small-timers and don't know exactly what your perspective is of the parodies. As a result, the developments of the wiki had somewhat strayed off, dwelving into weaponry and unseen characters when there should be more fluff from the major untergangers, which without doubt fulfills the expectations of general viewers.

    Also, I'm proposing a Tutorial section on video editing. Strangely New York Times had an article on making Downfall parodies, and we don't? It's a shame, really.

    I think shom would be interested.

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Well, damn.

    It's my first time facing a turbulent times like this, as I joined the community in the middle of last year. Seeing that "Bringen Sie mir Fegelein!"s, "Sofort!"s, "Ah, Mohnke"s, "Wenck!"s and the like will never appear in parodies anymore, as there's the part most likely used for content match, we have to move to the other scenes instead.

    The Traditionalist Untergangers will likely to take the most critical blow in this round of fun-slaughter. Those who are FX proficient will likely fare better. The most unaffected would likely be audio-based "Hitler is trapped" parodies (as duh, there's not a hint of movement for ConstanTOT to match its contents.) As for me, more musical parodies is a possibility, but splicing clips together cou…

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  • Amplify23

    Scene Pages

    November 15, 2011 by Amplify23

    I wonder if we need anymore pages for the individual scenes in Der Untergang. I think we've got the major ones covered. By the way, should we edit the actual Downfall page?

    -- Αмρℓїϝу23 03:31, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TheXenomorph1

    I think I'm starting to receive "death threats" by staying in YouTube. Untergangers slowly betray me, and issues here and there that I can't stand anymore. YouTube's no place for a person like me. June 15 will be the day where I will depart from YouTube and announce my utter 'misery'.

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