• Jhazhha

    Mines are Dr.Goebells,Jodl,Krebs,Hitler,Traudl,Peter Kranz,Burgdorf,Gunsche,Fegelein and Grawitz 

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  • KurwaAntics

    You will be able to register Wikia accounts using your Google account.

    That's good news for Untergangers.

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  • HRP4Life

    I know it's a bit messy and long, but I needed to share my true thoughts and feelings about this entire thing that's going on with TL.

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  • Kuki5050

    Happy April Fools' Day!

    English subs available!

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  • KurwaAntics

    Bad day

    April 1, 2017 by KurwaAntics

    April fools + sick + exam

    Yep it's real.

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  • Kuki5050

    Goodbye, annotations...

    March 28, 2017 by Kuki5050

    When I found out, that YouTube's annotations will be discarded since May 2nd, I've done this Dolfy's rant,

    And what do you think? English subs are available.Otherwise I wouldn't put it here.

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  • Equiduo

    Admin Note: Point of contention has been redacted, and commenting has been disabled. The redacted OP follows:-

    Hey guys, TraitorLoxoz here... and this message is to bullies and even untergangers.

    I know that i did some dramas and incidents but the reason is i don't want to get cyber-bullied. Infact, on my HPW page where Delphox (AlphaSkyRaider) told all the incidents, which he thinks that i started these bullcraps but I DON'T start all of this shit! You guys have gone too far, your actions are very rude and that is not how you talk with a member in the community. You know it... "We are friends, not enemies. Anyhow, none of us are perfect and none of us are going crazy. Which is important to you?

    Peace or Cyber-bullying? Because of you, my lif…

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  • Mfaizsyahmi

    Virtually every Unterganger is uploading to YouTube, and YouTube is part of Google and uses its login. Using Google login, websites can pull info from the user's youtube account, resulting in the users on your website really being the untergangers themselves.

    Forums are convenient, of course, but they run on systems and paradigms designed in the 90s. Nowadays people browse the internet with their phone more than ever, and forum interface on phone screens is really inconvenient. If you really care, and want to capture the most user base you should use mobile-friendly interface, and 90s forums just isn't one of them.

    Developing a new system for scratch is possible but unlikely. I suggest trying Google Forms or something similar.

    This wiki, for …

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  • Benad361

    As you all know, I removed my videos lately & started to make new ones (or remakes of old ones). That said, it wasn't because I'm retiring - far from it. It's because I've changed a lot for the better since 2010, when I begun in ernest.

    When I started off I was your typical lonely/frustrated college kid with a lot of time on his hands, and decided to vent my emotions & energy and channel them into something creative and fun - hence how my parody-making began.

    However, I was also a very cynical type of person & my works would often be offensive purely for the sake of it. Blasphemy & derision of religion, unnecessary swearing every few lines etc. In 2013 I discovered Islam & found a lot of peace in faith. I feel I've become a much better perso…

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  • Gokyr586


    January 20, 2017 by Gokyr586

    Just a few moments ago before I started writing this blog post I received a comment from somene practically demanding me to make my PPAP DPMV public again.

    Go here to find out more about this debacle.

    I made my answer clear enough in my reply to his comment, and I am going to restate it again right here. For anyone wanting me to make the parody public, my answer to you is:


    I have made my decision and I will not go back on my word. I have grown to detest this DPMV not just because of subscriber/popularity issues; people had also been stealing and reuploading it just to claim credit for their own. The attention surrounding this DPMV has been too great, it has detracted viewer's attention and appreciation from my other videos. It defeats me u…

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  • KurwaAntics


    January 20, 2017 by KurwaAntics

    Recently I was investigating Linux and tried many Linux distros. And eventually I found Ubuntu MATE Xubuntu the best one. I installed it onto my USB flash drive and use it at school because booting into Windows wastes time.

    What Linux distro do you use? For what reason? Feel free to leave a comment!

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  • 93neptunium93

    Last Day of Vacation

    January 4, 2017 by 93neptunium93

    Oh well, it all ends for 2016 and 2017. 2 (or 3) weeks of AWESOMENESS vacation comes to an end. I'll remember EVERYTHING that happened in December as I find it one of the most emo BUT also awesome months of the year.

    Well guys, school is back. I'll need to focus AGAIN on my studies but KEEP on checking my channel. I will do my bussiness every weekend or any other day. THANK YOU ALL! :)


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  • KurwaAntics

    4th technical blog

    December 22, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    A few changes in this wiki are made and proposed in this blog.

    Article comments layout
    Borders of comments are removed and simplified. It will look more like what you see normally on YouTube.
    Text sizes has been reduced to 13. Avatar of comment replies are reduced to 40px. The "Reply" button has been reduced to a link and the sprites has also been removed.
    Edit summary warning
    A message will appear if you leave the edit summary blank when editing pages that belong to the main namespace.
    Unterganger infobox
    A new "channel" parameter is available. "channelname" and "channelID" are still usable, only if "channel" is left blank.

    Option to justify paragraphs
    A checkbox will be added on the wikia bottom bar (where "My Tools" is located) to let user enabl…

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  • Gokyr586

    Right. In a bid to get as many questions as possible I'm going to leave an announcement here about this Q&A I'm doing to mark my achieving 2000 subscribers. Ask me anything you like as long as it isn't too personal or too private. The Q&A closes on the 14th of December.

    Leave your questions in the comments section of this YouTube video:

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  • KurwaAntics

    The Hitler Parody Academy

    November 12, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    Want to make good Downfall parodies? Being tired of your parodies not getting enough views?

    Here I propose the Hitler Parody Academy, a course on how to make great Hitler parodies and make them popular.

    This course is a collaboration by the top Untergangers, and will focus on making good uses of every scene, video editors, putting subtitles, choosing topics, video tagging, special effects, and a lot more.

    Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

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  • KurwaAntics

    US Presidential Poll

    November 6, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    TRUMP WON!!!

    American AND voter American but NOT voter NOT American
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  • HRP4Life

    I'm Back!

    November 3, 2016 by HRP4Life

    For now...

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  • Fastkak

    I got something today

    October 25, 2016 by Fastkak

    I will watch on some weekends soon if i have free time.

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  • Randomdolfyparodies

    Well as you might have known, I started my contest today, at like 12am. I found out in the afternoon that HRP has also started a contest, which is bad news for me.

    I'm going to just leave this poll on a couple of platforms, so please vote:

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  • HRP4Life


    October 19, 2016 by HRP4Life

    I will be off for an indefintie amount of time, thank you for your understanding.

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  • Fastkak


    October 6, 2016 by Fastkak

    I just order Downfall blu-ray a few day ago.It will be arrive soon and i will show you.

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  • HRP4Life

    When I went on DP Net today it showed me this message. Anyone else have this? If so, do you guys know when this will be fixed? I hope HRP doesn't lose everything he made because of this.

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  • KurwaAntics

    This time, with some new features.

    Second wiki rail
    One reason that I think a second rail is needed is because there are some users editing as IPs. They may not have AdBlock Plus installed, and the rail may be full of ads and "recommended articles" that nobody here is ever interested.
    Also, the floated contest links were there months ago, but now removed. I have plans to re-add the links to the new rail.
    Admins will see a pencil on the top right when they navigate the second rail. It provides a quick edit link.
    Splitting/rearranging CSS pages
    A new CSS page (MediaWiki:Core.css) will be created and some common stylesheets will be moved there.

    Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. Note that technical blog posts may update frequently.

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  • JennieParker87

    Hey guys.

    I decided to write this blog post to shed light on an issue that I feel is getting worse constantly...

    In recent years, I noticed a change in attitude towards children. When I was a kid, and throughout history, children have always been considered "annoying". Most children are difficult in some way. They're forgetting instructions and rules, asking dumb questions, and so on. It's also to be expected that children can't speak or write properly, and things they create (like videos, drawings) will not be perfect. Children are not fully developed, physically or mentally. They will act in stupid ways. They will say and do stupid things. This is natural and it's part of their development. This has always been more or less understood and …

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  • KurwaAntics

    A few changes are proposed in this blog.

    Replace notiplus with rail modules
    One problem I found about notiplus is that it sometimes doesn't work. It's because of the community messages that prevents our messages from loading. We need a script that always works. (Unless Faiz comes and fixes it) Rail module messages are less disruptive.
    An edit button is added for admins for easy editing. Please note that the notifications can only be added or removed manually.
    Realtime subscriber count (Akshat Mittal)
    SocialBlade's subscriber count is often out of sync. The counter will be added to the Wikia rail.

    Splitting/rearranging CSS pages
    For easier managing.
    Cut dome some scripts
    The main page loads slow, and its large amount of content and heavy scripts is t…

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  • KurwaAntics

    First things first

    September 3, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    First things first: Any future proposals will result in a new blog post/forum thread.

    Starting from 0:00 September 4 UTC, all proposals will go to the second technical proposal blog.

    Removing the level system
    This feature was implemented years ago. However, due to some users misusing edits and make alot of unconstructive edits, the feature's use is doubtful.
    Re-writing custom article comments stylesheets
    I need to make the article comments be customized further. Sometimes the text overlapped with the reply button.
    Splitting/rearranging CSS pages
    For easier managing.
    Cut dome some scripts
    The main page loads slow, and its large amount of content and heavy scripts is the cause. The contents cannot be removed, so I'll just cut some unwanted scripts do…

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  • 93neptunium93

    New DPF Account

    August 27, 2016 by 93neptunium93

    I've had it with being unable to access my DPF account, the email never gets received. I created a new DPF account called Neptunium93 (My old YT channel name) and that is where I will post my videos. That account is where I will get nominated for awards, not Nexus639 anymore. 

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  • KurwaAntics

    I need a few people to write it for me because I don't have to deal with lots of homework until September 5th.

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  • JJ All-star

    JJ All-star

    August 14, 2016 by JJ All-star

    Wow,It seems that I must learn how to edit the wiki.

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  • Gilblitz112

    Should we add a feature that separates Untergangers by country (where they are born, nationality, current residence, etc.)? I think it would benefit the wiki a bit.

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  • BritishDolfy17

    Well, it has come to my attention that my post of me saying that I'm leaving and blaming myself, could be seen as me blowing it out of proportions. I realised just now that I messed up and overreacted. I have left the chat a month ago, since me and Parker87 have agreed about it. I'm not gonna cut ties, don't worry, I'm still gonna be in contact with the community via Discord (PM), Facebook, Skype, DP Net and here. I apologise for that post that I made earlier, Jen was right. There was nothing I could do about it. I wish FA and QT all the best in the future. Trust me guys, people leave the chat all the time. Another reason why I left is because I didn't want to cause harm in the chat. But anyways, that's all I have to say, I'll still see yo…

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  • BritishDolfy17

    I'm leaving

    August 10, 2016 by BritishDolfy17

    After all the drama that I witnessed, I feel as if it's my fault for failing to prevent it from happening. I decided since I'm feeling ashamed of myself for FA leaving the community and I'm a total outcast, to leave. Which is good news for everyone since no one likes me here anyway. I'm fucking useless and unimportant, goodbye.

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  • QuestionTuesdayFTW

    FEBRUARY 2017 UPDATE: I have returned to the community!

    For those of you that are unaware, there was this gigantic dispute the past few days regarding FegelAntics and his spreading of hate on a certain Unterganger(Who I will not name). After the whole ordeal was over, I was willing to give FegelAntics a second chance, but everyone I talked to said the damage done was enough to warrant a permanent ban, yet they would not give him a second chance to prove to them that he learned his lesson. After much discussion with FegelAntics himself, which has resulted in the deletion of both his page and the UnterCast page, as well as the cancellation of UnterCast and FegelAntics' supposed retirement, I have come to the conclusion that this community is …

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  • 93neptunium93


    August 7, 2016 by 93neptunium93

    I tried to log-in to my Nexus639 account on the Downfall Parodies Forum but I forgot my password. Also i set my browser settings  to save my passwords in case i forget it and now i'm f***ing locked out of my account. Some one please help me please. Thank you.

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  • KurwaAntics

    The latest post is in 2012. Change it to

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  • DownfallDolfy
    • What food do you eat everyday?

    A.12 Pizzas,5 xTra large shakes,1000 pounds of hamburger - 100 points

    B. Vegetables - 200 points

    C. Fish - 300 points

    D. Nothing. You are immortal to starving. - 400 points

    • What Antics do you perform?

    A. Sitting on Hitler's face - 100

    B. Removing his glasses for about 6000 hours - 200 points

    C. Saying Fish for 10 hours - 300 points

    D. Annoying Der Failure - 400 points

    • Last Question: Have you ever tried to rant?

    A. No. I eat 10 pizzas.............. - 100 points

    B. Ja! I do this everyday! - 200 points

    C. Yeah. I used to rant at my fish. - 300 points

    D. Im just chillin to make people rant - 400 points

    • 300 points - Gorig -> A fat devourer who eats 1000000000 kinds of food x1000000= Infinity
    • 600 points - Hitler -> A guy who rants…

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  • KurwaAntics

    I found that the loading speed of this wiki is significantly longer. I recorded the loading time of AGK Wiki and this Wiki's homepage and I have the following results:

    Average loading time (s) Hitler Parody Wiki AGK Wiki
    Chrome (with ads, not logged in) 5.316 4.50
    Chrome (without ads, not logged in) 3.343 1.424
    Chrome (without ads, logged in) 5.947 2.584
    Chrome (without ads, logged in, add-ons enabled) 8.005 3.899
    Firefox (without ads, not logged in) 4.594 1.643

    1. Use Chrome.
    2. Disable ads.
    3. Cut down some scripts on this Wiki.
    4. Cut down content of the main page.
    5/ Cut down some add-ons.

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  • KurwaAntics

    New infobox

    July 29, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    Last year I made an infobox template which is "designed for lazy bums" where it doesn't require you to type parameters like "row 1 title" and so on. However that template has a bug that you need to add a string to the last parameter in order to show all contents.

    This time I would like to make a new one. This one solved the bug above and only requires you to type a few characters.

    Update: Since I found it too troublesome to type the row parameters, they have been removed.

    Also, I implemented a Lua module which automatically format the output of a code.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Vegas Pro 14

    July 25, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    I have just received a newsletter from MAGIX. Vegas Pro 14 is coming in September.

    Vegas 13 user can get 14 for free, while others need to upgrade to 13 first.

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  • 93neptunium93

    Discord chat room

    July 22, 2016 by 93neptunium93

    I have decided to join the Discord chat platform because I was hoping that it would be better than chatango. I read the Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room page and saw that JennieParker87 is planning to move the chat platform. I was hoping I could get suited to the new chat platform.

    If you guys are registered to that platform. Can you tell me your Discord usernames and tell me how to send some friend requests? I would appreciate your support.  Thanks :)

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  • KurwaAntics


    Chinese companies tried to destroy stuff once again. This time is the Opera browser, which added free VPN in recent versions that can bypass the Great Firewall. Chinese firms want to prevent the Chinese people from bypassing the wall so that they try to acquire Opera browser and remove the free VPN, and there may be security and privacy concerns afterwards.

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  • Cgl1999

    New parody!

    July 17, 2016 by Cgl1999

    I have made a new parody. In this parody, Hitler plans to eliminate Cindy Hearts, a disgusting troll who reminds me of a certain someone.

    UPDATE: She actually commented on my video.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Fegelein has just failed, again. I'm going to conclude the 3 competitions.

    Rule: The one who shot another gets one point.

    Competition Hitler : Fegelein
    FIFA 2010 1 : 0
    FIFA 2014 3 : 0
    EURO 2016 2 : 1 Read more >
  • KurwaAntics

    Original song: Warszawianka 1905

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  • InformerGunsche

    Hello everybody! I was wondering what everyone thought of Hitler's relationships with the characters in the parodies. Personally I've always thought that Hitler thought of them as his "frenemies" - at least, in my mind. I think that he hates them, but also values them at the same time because he couldn't do anything without them, so in my mind they're friends and enemies, but I think he does like them along with disliking them. What do you guys think? And when you write your parodies how do you portray them, because sometimes it's not exactly made clear

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  • KurwaAntics


    July 6, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    It can be very entertaining when Dolfy is using the Reichsoft Windows. (For example, this and this) It often uses a Windows-style layout, and probably some images directly from Google images (e.g. alert boxes). This has to stop.

    I was thinking of a new system based on HTML - the fegelOS. Its name is a parody of macOS Sierra (not OS X). I will use OS.js as a reference and the system will be much simpler as we need.

    Apps included:

    • FegelCorp Navigator (FegelCorp web browser)
    • FegelCorp Office
    • FegelCorp Media Player
    • System settings
    • File Explorer

    Suggest what you think should be added to the new project!

    Download: [1]

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  • KurwaAntics

    The fate of EU

    June 24, 2016 by KurwaAntics

    UK voted to leave EU. (That's sad for the Scots)

    The 4th Reich's days are numbered. In both world wars, Germany got screwed up by UK and lost both wars.

    EU recently allows more refugees to get into Europe which makes some countries not happy for it.

    They fear Muslims will bring social unrests and the Europeans will eventually be a minority of their homeland.

    EU must change. Germany must stop forcing other members to receive refugees.

    History tells. Many mainland Chinese move to Hong Kong and make Hongkongers angry and develop hatreds towards them.

    Admitting Jew-killing doesn't means you can allow them to come into your homeland uncontrollably.

    The EU will eventually collapse, and to retain its land, Germany will launch an attack and conquer the w…

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  • 93neptunium93

    I saw most Untergangers going to to introduce themselves. I tried to enter the forums as well but i cannot successfully register. I have the correct e-mail address but no conformation was recieved nor any notifications. Is there any other way i can introduce myself than going to the forums?

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  • KurwaAntics

    No one is working on the scripts anymore since Mfaizsyahmi left this wiki.

    We need a new codeadmin who can resolve technical problems, working on scripts and more.

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  • KurwaAntics

    Original song: Uz Maršala Tita

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