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Black-and-white Hitler must be shot down, SOFORT!
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Liberation Hitler
Black-and-white Hitler bossing his subordinates around.


Black-and-white/Liberation Hitler

Notable For

Being dubbed over by a Russian narrator/translator.

Portrayed by

Fritz Diez

The Black-and-white Hitler, also known as Liberation Hitler, is the Hitler that appears in the epic five-part Soviet film, Liberation (Russian: Освобожде́ние, translit. Osvobozhdenie). He was portrayed by Fritz Diez.

In parodies

The Black-and-white Hitler appeared on Vzorkic's parody "Hitler Attempts to Regain his Reputation". While his origins remain mysterious, the one confirmed fact regarding him is that there's a black-and-white Fegelein somewhere who performed a cruel antic on this specific Hitler: he cannot speak without being interrupted by some loud-mouthed Russian. The Untergang Hitler wished his black-and-white counterpart to appear in a film that was supposed to raise the Nazi Party members' morale. However, General Hans Krebs, having fed up with leaving all the antic-making to Fegelein, decided to ruin his boss' plans. He contacted his long-time buddy General Vasily Chuikov and asked him to meddle with the film. The messed-up version of the biopic was screened in the Bunker and received enthusiastically by the Nazis. Hitler was somewhat less jovial.

Actor's biography

Fritz Diez (27 February 1901 – 19 May 1979) was an East German actor, who appeared as Hitler in seven different productions - the 1954-5 two-part East German film Ernst Thälmann, the 1967 East German Frozen Flashes, the 1968 Czechoslovak I, Justice, the 1969-71 five-part Soviet series Liberation, the 1973 Soviet TV series 17 Moments of Spring (17 episodes), the 1974 Soviet film Take Aim and the 1977 four-part TV series Soldiers of Freedom.


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