“It (SOPA) is not a law at this time. If it does pass, President Obama could veto it. Actually, I hope he vetoes it then takes a giant shit on it and mails it to the bill's sponsors in congress. i still think that even under SOPA, which is not a law and hopefully will not become one, the copyright holder would have to file a claim of infringement. Seeing how Constantin films makes ad revenue from parodies and the parodies are basically advertising the film, it seems unlikely that they would file such a claim.”

AtomicAntics is an American unterganger, most popular for his Hitler the Retarded Running Horse parody, which even received a praise from the original Retarded Running Horse creator. 

He debuted on 2011-8-31 with the parody Hitler's Fart Contest. He has experienced a 6-year dormancy after October 2012, before he finally returned in January 2019 and started posting parodies again.

He currently has 32 videos, over 4592000 views and over 4400 subscribers.

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