Antonescu in Oglinda

Antonescu in Oglinda, the film used for the parodies.

The Antonescu Parodies is a new parody series launched by unterganger Benad361, as a 600 subscriber/Hitler's birthday Parody Special, released on the 20th April 2012. It is entitled "Marshal Antonescu makes his Debut".

Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu makes his debut by trying to promote his parodies with Romanian King Michael, who is unenthusiastic and threatens to "flag all of them". Antonescu rants and then storms out in a rage.

He then consults with 'Oglinda Hitler' (that is, the Hitler from the film from which the footage comes from) in front of a map. After some heated debate (with Hitler hitting the map on the table, in a typical Hitler-esque style) it is agreed that the two will work together against the rest of the parody universe. How this conflict works out will be seen at a later date.

Antonescu was later briefly shown in Benad361's birthday celebration video: Benad361's Birthday: The Reactions in which he is asked by King Michael to send the unterganger some birthday wishes and gruffly refuses on the grounds that he is too busy "protecting Romania from the Bolsheviks".

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