Join the Antic Order!

Fegelein in propaganda for the Antic Order.

The Antic Order is one of the many organizations within the Downfall Parody Universe. It is arguably the most powerful one of them all. In some parodies its role is carried out by the SS.


In the parodies, it was never mentioned how the organization was formed in the first place. However, it's safe to assume that it was founded sometime before the 1700s, due to the latter time when Antic Master Felicity Merriman lives in.


The Antic Order itself is divided into guilds, which are located globally. The guilds' size can range from a city (Berlin) to a country (Japan), or even an entire ocean (Atlantic). Said guilds are led by an Antic Master, who report to the Grand Master of the Antic Order, Heinrich Himmler. It is possible to have two Antic Masters in one Guild, though the only known case is with Lt. Werner and Werner Hartenstein. Other ranks in the organization include:

  • Antic-Dealers, whose jobs are to supply their fellow Anticologists with weapons they need to off their antics.
  • Apprentices, who are students of the Antics Masters and can be considered Antic Masters-in-training.
  • Anticologists, a term for Antic-Doers in general.

Major Members

The following are not members of the Order, but are worthy of mention because they're associated with the order (or antics) in some way.


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