Antic-Related Weapons are weapons which exist exclusively in the Parody Universe and are powered exclusively by the mysterious power of antics. They have the ability to cause great harm or destruction against an intended target (depending on the type of weapon) due to the fact that the power of antics is infinitely superior to the power of conventional weaponry.

Often, these weapons look like, or are adaptations of, conventional weapons and objects. Examples include:

Weapon Power Created by:
Fegelcannon Seemingly to turn someone into Fegelein UberFuhrerParodies

The power to severely electrocute an opponent with lethal "Antic Watts".


Non-lethal, seemingly a makeshift device which creates a loud and terrifying noise to wake up and scare a target.


Antic Gun

A gun working in a conventional way, but firing bullets made of "Antic Lead", making them much more destructive and lethal. Can seemingly be countered by an 'Antic Shield'. Variants include the Antic-Modified Thompson Submachine Gun, a gun which has its power enhanced by antic technology. It was shown in the Benad361 parody Hitler Reminisces: Adventures on Skull Island. The enhanced power is clearly demonstrated by the fact that a few bursts of gunfire were able to bring down an Apatosaurus and a Venatosaurus in quick succession. Benad361
Tomsen's Bottle of Mass Destruction A bottle that can cause chaos to both structures and people, simply by naming a target and striking the cork off it with two hits, or drinking from it. Used by Captain Thomsen. HitchcockJohn

Tukhachevsky's Fork of Pwnage

A weapon that looks like a conventional fork (and may have been crafted from one) which can cause massive levels of destruction and damage to structures and people, if a target is stated and it is thrown on a table. Used by Soviet Marshal and Antic Commissar Mikhail Tukhachevsky. Benad361
Fegelein's Fist of Doom and Mass Destruction/ Clap of Doom Similar in power to the previous. If a target is stated and Fegelein punches his palm with his fist while stating the intention of destroying a target, then the target will be utterly destroyed or damaged.
Fegelein's Fist of Love Similar to the Rant of Love and of the same nature as the Fist of Mass Destruction, with the key difference being that it causes love between two people as opposed to any destruction. DeltaForce62
Antic Lazers An extraterrestrial device (carried by the Antic-Aliens from Planet Fegelein) which does not seem to be lethal in depictions so far, but has the ability to hideously deform a person (specifically the face). Benad361
Antic Potion Potions brewed with antic-based ingredients (what said ingredients are is unknown) to hilariously change the appearence of a person. When consumed (unintentionally) by an intended target, they can cause said target to develop some hilarious, disturbing deformities, symptoms, or appearances. Benad361 and HitchcockJohn


  • In many parodies (such as those of VzorkicBenad361DictatorAntics, and others) the most common weapon used by an antic-practicing individual is the lightsaber.
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