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An antic-alien.

Antic-Aliens, are the aliens from the "planet F" (shortened version of Planet Fegelein) which recently appeared in Benad361's special parody: "They came from Planet F". They carry weapons known as "antic-lazers" which can hideously deform enemies, as was shown when they attacked Hitler after he slandered Fegelein in their presence. It is unclear what links Fegelein has to them or their planet...but does it raise the possibility that he has alien roots?

It's also been established that "Planet F" is home to another bizarre alien called the "Fegel-Thing", which is capable of killing people and then taking their forms.

Fegel Aliens

Three Fegel-Aliens rudely awakening Hitler

It appears that there is another race of Antic-Aliens, called Fegel-Aliens. This race of aliens look exactly like Fegelein, with the only difference being having oversized brains and green skin. They tend to frequently use the word Fegel in their vocabulary, using it as a replacement for many other words. This resembles how the Smurfs use the word Smurf in place of many of their verbs. The Fegel-Aliens are seen abducting Hitler to their flying saucer and using him in a bizarre experiment with his dog Blondi.

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