Alexander IIych Yegorov (13 October 1883 - 22 February 1939) was a Soviet military leader during and after the Russian civil war, when he led the Red Army's Southern front and played a key part in defeating White Russian forces in Ukraine. He was close to Stalin and Semyon Budyonny.

Because of his old connections to Stalin and Budyonny, Yegorov seemed to be safe from the wave of arrests that swept through the Red Army in 1937 as Great Purge gathered pace. He was officially listed as one of the judges at Tukhachevsky's trial in June 1937. But at the end of 1937 he was demoted to Commander, Transcaucasian military district, and was arrested in February 1938 and his military writings banned. Yegorov died in prison.

In the Stalin parodies

He has appeared once or twice in the Stalin Parodies of Benad361 and HitchcockJohn, in Benad361's parody "They came from Planet F..." and HitchcockJohn's "Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park" respectively. He seems to be an ally of Tukhachevsky and seems to discuss Tukhachevsky's plans with him. He is also an objector to Tukhachevsky's plans, making him Stalin's answer to Jodl, even though Tukhachevsky never pays attention to his objections.


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