Alex1999 (a.k.a. ProGamerPC1) is an Unterganger from Romania. He began making Downfall parodies in January 2015. He was known for making parodies based on Hitler Rants Parodies' style. Some of his parodies also used parodies taken from HRP's channel with Alex1999's own subtitles overlaid over them. Aside from Downfall parodies, he also did DVD reviews, produce Progressive House, music remakes and remixes, gaming videos, among others.

His parodies were notorious among the Unterganger community for their incoherent nature, due to their subtitles not related to the title of the parody itself. This makes him a controversial figure - though not as much as Micwan32 or Antoni Pieter Yahya.

In August 11, 2016, he announced his retirement. His channel was later terminated that same day. However, he would return a few days later with an alternate channel, called Alex1999.

In September 2016, Alex made another channel, called ProGamerPC2. It only has music remixes and Non-Downfall Parodies, Poster Speed arts and progressive house producing videos at the moment.

Since then he stopped stealing HRP's parodies and is focused on making non-Downfall parodies, music remixes, and gaming videos.


  • Non-Downfall characters are used in his parodies, such as Claire Dearing, Alice Kingsleigh, and various movie characters.
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