The After the Original Bunker Scene is a scene in Downfall that is sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

After Hitler declared the war lost in the previous scene, he slowly leaves the conference room. Martin Bormann, who stayed inside the conference room during his ranting, quietly remarks behind Hitler that "The Führer can not be serious about shooting himself".

Perhaps overhearing Bormann, Hitler turns around and tells Traudl Junge and Gerda Christian to get changed as a plane will be leaving in an hour taking them South. He then tells everyone that the war is hopelessly lost. Hitler tells Traudl and Gerda that they should leave. Eva Braun grabs Hitler's hands and tells him she would never leave him. Hitler then kisses Eva, to which many people from the room turn their heads away or simply stare without saying a word. Traudl tells Hitler that she'll stay too. Both Hitler and Braun leave the room and retreat to his study room.

Joseph Goebbels, the last to leave the conference room hurries his way to the restroom and stares at the mirror in anger. The Fegelein and Friends scene immediately begins.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is almost always used along with the Fegelein and Friends scene, with Bormann setting the topic of the succeeding discussion. The part where Hitler talks to the women is typically cut out.

The part with Goebbels has found its own use. In Skeletor Challenges Günsche to a Race, both this scene and the Hitler Suicide Scene is used to depict Skeletor (Goebbels) having a race with Otto Günsche, and in the second run gets blocked by Bormann. The part where Goebbels looks at himself in the mirror also finds use in many other parodies, for example in TheLawlDawg's parody where Goebbels breaks the mirror with his Stare of Doom.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
BORMANN Das kann der Führer nicht ernst meinen, dass er sich erschießen will. The Führer can't be serious about shooting himself!
HITLER Frau Junge, Frau Christian... Frau Junge, Frau Christian...
Ziehen Sie sich um. In einer Stunde bringt Sie ein Flugzeug nach Süden. Get yourselves dressed. In one hour an airplane will take you south.
Es ist alles verloren. Hoffnungslos verloren. It's all lost. Hopelessly lost.
EVA Du weißt doch, dass ich bei dir bleibe. Ich lasse mich nicht wegschicken. You know I'm staying with you. I will not let myself be sent.
TRAUDL Mein Führer, ich bleibe auch. My Führer, I'm staying too.


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After the Original Bunker Scene
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