Kabul skyline
Kabul skyline.




Adolf Hitler and Hermann Fegelein (sending each other there as part of antic or payback)

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Hitler finds out, Hitler sends

Afghanistan /afɣɑnisˈtɑn/ is a mountainous landlocked country, sandwiched between Pakistan, Iran and the former Soviet republics, while also bordering China. The climate is dry, and it bear witness to some of the world's greatest political conflict in the past century.

In The Parodies

Afghanistan was one of the many countries that became the topic of the parodies. Unfortunately, most of the parodies portray negative misconceptions of the country. In one occasion, Hitler recieves a report stating that US Marine snipers were posing with an SS flag and mistaken it for scout snipers. Gagislobista also made a parody where Fegelein teleports Hitler to Afghanistan, with Günsche informing him as usual. In response, Hitler sends Fegelein to Afghanistan as revenge for his antics in another parody. As always, Fegelein returned.

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